It's actually easy and inexpensive to implement a proper skincare routine into your daily life.

By Erica Metzger
Updated October 18, 2019
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Finding time for a facial is tough and let's be real; it can be pretty expensive. However, no matter how old you are, investing in a proper skin-care regimen should be a priority. We all want perfect complexion for aesthetic reasons, but taking care of your skin is also imperative for your overall health. Whether you're trying to turn back the clock, wanting to keep your youthful glow for as long as possible, or are simply looking to change up your beauty routine, there are steps you can do every to ensure you're putting your best face forward. We spoke with Shani Darden, celebrity aesthetician, mom, and Garnier skin-care consultant, for complexion advice and spa tricks you can do at home.

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To Reduce Puffiness

An inexpensive facial roller like the can make a difference on days when you have under-eye bags. On moisturized skin, gently glide the wide end along your cheeks and jaw, then run the small end under your eyes. “Light massage revs up your skin’s circulation and helps to remove excess fluid,” Darden says. The aesthetician suggests storing the tool in the fridge so it’s always chilled when you want to use it. “The cold brings down swelling,” she says.

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To Save Money

Your cleansing step is both important and affordable, so pick a gentle drugstore formula and use it twice a day (scan the label for words like gentle, hypoallergenic, hydrating, and daily use). If you wear eye makeup, start with a micellar wash to avoid tugging on that delicate skin.

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To Protect Your Skin

What’s the all-time worst skin-care sin? Skipping sunscreen application. In addition to safeguarding against skin cancer, this daily habit is the best way to prevent premature aging, Darden says.

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To Mask Breakouts

The quick way to shrink a pimple is to apply a mask or treatment that contains sulfur. “Sulfur is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it calms down a breakout and speeds healing,” Darden says. And no picking!

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To Banish Blackheads

A light chemical peel can uncover brighter, younger-looking skin in minutes—and you don't even have to step inside a dermatologist's office for treatment. To get rid of blackheads, Darden suggests using a chemical exfoliant once or twice a week to help dissolve the dead skin and oil that form those pesky plugs.

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To Moisturize Without Getting Greasy

Large pores tend to fill up if you use the wrong moisturizer, so stick to lightweight hydrators. Even if your skin is on the oily side, you should still use lotion every day. 

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To Buff Lips

Smooth away dry, flaky skin with a soft toothbrush or exfoliating lip scrub. A pair of perfectly polished lips is the best base for your favorite lip color.

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