One morning application survived high-intensity workouts and meeting-filled days, but it took some getting used to.

By Allison Maze Vancura
February 08, 2019
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Ah, deodorant. The essential-but-unglamorous product most of us rarely change up, because if it's doing an OK-enough job, why would you?

Recently a few conversations at the gym made me wonder if natural deodorant is worth the hype, and if its body odor-banishing powers are really all that tough. So I benched my regular deodorant and committed to sweat-testing Crystal's Mineral Deodorant Stone for a full week. Here's what it was like.

Whether or not you've hopped on the affordable natural product band wagon, there's no denying the allure of pared-down packaging and fewer ingredients. The deodorant is made up of one ingredient – pure mineral salt – which provides an invisible, fragrance-free odor barrier for up to 24 hours. Out of its packaging, it could pass for a fancy ice cube you'd be served in a cocktail lounge (or a trendy pet rock). It's smooth, round, and fits comfortably in the palm of a hand. To use, wet the top of the stone and liberally glide it onto clean underarms (about 20 swipes per pit). The stone comes with a little dish that can be placed in or near the shower for easy storing.

I'll admit it took me a couple of days to quit worrying whether I'd properly applied. Since the deodorant is clear and odorless, I enthusiastically rubbed it on and prayed it worked. (It did.) The stone left no dreaded white streaks on my clothes, it wasn't sticky or slimy, and it didn't get crumbly partway through the day like so many regular deodorants. Best of all, one post-shower application kept me fresh and clean all day and night.

My con list contains no real deal-breakers. It's not as travel-friendly or convenient as other stick deodorants, especially if you don't have the option of storing it in the shower. I get ready in a gym locker room every morning and remembering to keep the stone in my shower caddy has been an adjustment. So has applying twenty-plus swipes per pit—but the larger stone, which I tried, is supposed to last a year or more. At $6.99, that's something I can live with.


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