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Washing your face before you go to bed and when you wake up is a non-negotiable in your skincare routine. I know there are evenings when you're working late, or maybe you've had a few cocktails, and you're not in the mood to cleanse, but taking a few extra minutes, especially if you wear makeup, to get rid of impurities will make your skin look healthier and younger. Because I have sensitive skin, I steer clear of anything abrasive and use only the gentlest of products. One of the new items I recently added to my regimen is the I Heart You Cleansing Kit ($20, Amazon) that helps to cleanse (not strip) my skin and leaves it super soft.

swoon skin kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I stopped using makeup wipes years ago because they're terrible for the environment and your complexion. (I know they're convenient, but so is using a cleanser.) The wonderful thing about this kit is that it's reusable, so it's great for Mother Nature, and the microfiber pads are gentle on your face. Each purchase comes with three plush heart-shape pads (which makes it an excellent Valentine's Day gift), a skincare headband, and a laundry bag.

Suzanne Rappaport, president and founder of Swoon Skin, the eco-friendly brand behind the cleansing kit, says that she has been "hooked" on microfiber face cloths for the past decade after discovering them in Europe. "I have incredibly sensitive skin and always struggled to find a makeup remover/cleanser that was gentle enough to use every day," she explains. However, she didn't love the design of face cloths because they can be awkward to use around your eye area, so she decided to create her own. "I wanted something totally seamless in a high-quality microfiber—and they had to be beautiful to look at as well."

To use the kit, push your hair back with the skincare headband. You can either use one of the heart pads with your favorite cleanser like I do or simply use it with just water. Rappaport likes to use water in the morning as a refresh, and at night, she removes her makeup with one side and then adds her face wash to the other side for a thorough clean. To clean your kit, you can hand-wash the pads with soap after you use them and let them air-dry. For a deep-clean, place all of your items in the mesh bag and wash them in your washer and dryer. (Just don't use bleach or fabric softener and do not iron.)

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be effective, and this kit is a great addition to anyone's routine. In just one step, you can have fresh, clean skin without harming the environment.


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