6 DIY Bath Bombs That Will BLOW Your Mind

Time to soak away your stressful day.
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Soften Up with these Sweet Cupcake Bath Bombs

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Dessert in the tub? Yes, please! Who says these trendy sweets have to stay out of the bathroom. That's right, now you can add the cake and frosting to your very own DIY cupcake bath bomb. Did you know that the "cake" part of this fun fizzie is a great exfoliant? And the "frosting" contains a moisturizer that makes your skin feel super soft. Spread the cake on!

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Melt Your Worries Away with Milk & Honey Bath Melts

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Bathe in the land of milk and honey. Made with all-natural ingredients--that are likely stocked in your kitchen already--these calming bath bombs soothe itchy, irritated skin, and accelerate your skin's healing process. Added plus, it's super relaxing!

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Lavender Bath Bombs for Ultimate Bliss

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Best known for its soothing scent, lavender makes the ultimate pre-bedtime bath bomb. Toss one of these into a late-night soak, and feel the day's stress melt away. Plus, it will lull you into a deep night's slumber and you'll smell pretty good too!

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Detox with this Green Tea Bath Bomb

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This green tea superfood is good for more than just your belly! Catechins, the chemicals in green tea that prevent cancer and fight obesity, are also powerful anti-inflammatories, which can clear acne and add shine to your hair. Invigorate your entire body when you detox in the tub with this potent bath bomb.

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Relax and Romance with this Rose Milk Bath Bomb

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Delicate and romantic, a rose's scent is said to ease tension and make people feel calm and happy. The rose oil in this bath bomb also acts as a natural moisturizer for dry, rough skin. Smell good, feel good, look good: the rose milk bath bomb is a triple threat not to be missed!

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Reinvigorate with this Peppermint Bath Bomb

Image Courtesy of Ann's Entitled Life

Banish sniffles and stuffy noses with this minty-fresh fizzy, designed to clear your sinuses and give you an energy boost. Peppermint is also known for its inherent cooling qualities. So, throw this peppermint bomb into your bath after a hot summer day and let the cooling begin! Bonus: Wrap these bombs up in pretty paper for an easy DIY gift.

Get the recipe from Ann's Entitled Life


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