With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Bath & Body Works has rolled out a lineup of candles that smell just like candy and flowers.

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated January 27, 2020
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Instead of ordering a dozen roses for your sweetheart, give a Valentine’s Day gift that smells just like them (and lasts way longer). Bath and Body Works has answered our gift-giving prayers by packaging their most romantic scents. With four brand-new scents and a handful of returning scents wrapped up in new designs, a 3-wick candle is our top pick for valentines and galentines alike. 

These candles are part of the Valentine’s Day ‘Gifts for Her’ collection and all have a 45-hour burn time. And while there’s no official end date to this line, we’re guessing they won’t stay in stores much later than February 14, so if you find a scent you love, stock up now. Here are all the new Valentine’s Day-theme candles in our shopping cart right now. 

Credit: Courtesy of Bath & Body Works


Bath & Body Works lists “a sprinkle of love from Cupid” as one of the fragrances in this new candle, so it’s a natural choice for any valentine you want to pamper. Combined with the scents of cotton candy sugar and sparkling raspberries, the candle comes wrapped in a pink label that’s covered with illustrated conversation hearts. Pick up a package of Sweetheart conversation hearts to accompany this gift, but you’ll have to hurry because the supply of hearts is limited this year

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Credit: Courtesy of Bath & Body Works


If you don’t plan on baking a Valentine’s Day dessert for your sweetie, pick up a candle that smells like a scrumptious baked good instead. This new scent smells like fresh strawberries, golden shortcake, and whipped cream, and the candle comes in two new designs: An illustrated strawberry pattern and a solid pink option

Buy It:3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Credit: Courtesy of Bath & Body Works


This juicy new scent has us dreaming of summer, even though it’s the middle of winter. Made with the scents of fresh peach, whipped praline, and crunchy sugared cone, this gorgeous new candle makes us want to whip up a batch of homemade peach ice cream for our Galentine’s Day celebrations. 

Buy It: 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

Credit: Courtesy of Bath & Body Works


Rose Water and Ivy is one of our favorite scents, so we’re excited they’ve added a new rosy fragrance to their collection. This new candle has scents of fresh rose water, spun pink sugar, and creamy vanilla bean, and is wrapped in a gorgeous illustrated label. We’ll be lighting this one as we celebrate a relaxing Valentine’s Day in. 

Buy It:-Wick Candle, $24.50 3


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