These four pore-clearing products are gentle on skin but tough on pimples.
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Breakouts are unpredictable and, thanks to hormones and stress, hard to outgrow (yes, even as an adult). Your diet is a factor too. When pimples pop up, resist the urge to pick; picking slows the healing process and can lead to scarring. Reach for one of these gentle but hardworking pore-clearing treatments instead. Each one is designed to treat problem spots without stripping or irritating the rest of your complexion.

Acne spot treatment products

1. Patch

Medicated mini bandages are a deterrent for pore pickers (You know who you are.) Each adhesive dot contains a potent mix of blemish-banishing ingredients; apply to the pimple before bed and let it spot-treat overnight. These on-trend acne treatments also travel well–slip a few into a carry on bag to manage breakouts on the go.

Biossance Squalane and Tea Tree Detox Mask
Image courtesy of Biossance.

2. Mask

Some clay masks can make skin feel tight and dried out, but this formula purifies skin with gentle tea tree oil. Use it to spot-treat trouble areas or as an all-over face mask to minimize pores and calm skin down.

Glossier Zit Stick Acne Spot Treatment Pen
Credit: Image courtesy of Glossier.

3. Pen

Think of this little pen as the acne-fighting equivalent of a stain-removal stick. It includes benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient, which clears up blemishes in a jiffy.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment
Credit: Image courtesy of Amazon.

4. LED Light

Acne treatment options have really expanded, even in drugstores. Hold this LED (light-emitting diode) device on a pimple: The blue light kills bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation. Use it three times per day until the blemish is gone.

If you're dealing with frequent breakouts and need a little more help than a spot treatment, especially if pimples are deep and painful, consider scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist to determine the best acne treatment plan for you.


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