5 Natural Winter Skin Care Remedies You Need to Know

Winter is hard enough, and our skin shouldn't suffer, too.
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Wintertime can be tough. Cooped up indoors, gone are the days of our bronzed summer glow and dewy skin. As chillier temperatures swoop in, so do many unsavory skin irritations! This winter, instead of going to the store and spending your holiday money stash on expensive moisture-inducing elixirs, why not try some simple DIY solutions that you can easily make at home today? We've compiled a list of easy-to-make, healthy skin solutions to remedy any flaw that may pop up this winter. The best part? You probably have most, if not all, the ingredients at home right now. Bonus: We think some of these make great homemade gifts for the holiday season, too!

1. Pucker Up: Homemade Softening Lip Balm

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I don't know about you, but in the wintertime, it seems like I'm applying chapstick every five minutes. In order to keep your lips pucker-ready and smooth throughout the chillier seasons, we found this great DIY coconut oil based citrus lip balm that you can make at home. Mix coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax pellets, and add in your favorite essential oil. This recipe calls for citrus or mint. Ta-da! You have heaps of homemade lip balm that will moisturize your precious puckers all season long. Wrap some up for the holidays and give as stocking stuffers!

Get the full recipe at My Frugal Adventures.

2. Oatmeal Is Your Winter Skin Secret Weapon

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Oatmeal isn't just for breakfast anymore! It is your skin's No. 1 secret weapon to any and all dryness this winter. Now, you can use your breakfast oats to nourish your skin cells, too! From hydrating DIY face masks to body scrubs to bath soaks, we're all about the oats this winter. Why? It's simple: Oatmeal soothes skin, hydrates, and leaves it feeling super soft. Add to your bathtub for extra hydration, mix with honey and water to make a radiant facial scrub, or make an oatmeal paste for when your face is feeling pasty!

Get the full details & oat recipes from Beautylish.

3. Easy Homemade Lotion Bars Can Be Great for Gifts, Too!

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Suffer from dry, itchy skin after washing your hands and body? We do, too! That's why we're totally loving these easy homemade lotion bars from My Frugal Adventures. Using coconut oil and shea butter as the moisturizing bases, you can then Infuse them with any essential oil of your choice (we like lavender) and put them in simple molds. For more information, follow these easy how-to directions. BONUS: Wrap them up and tie a bow on them when you're done, and you have a terrific gift for anyone this wintertime!

Get the full details at My Frugal Adventures.

4. Easy-to-Make Sugar Scrubs to Hydrate Hands and Feet

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I don't know about you, but my hands and feet can't seem to get enough moisture in the winter months. No matter what I do, my cuticles crack, my heels are dry, and I start getting itchy skin around the rings I wear on my fingers. Not only does this look kind of gross, but it doesn't feel good either! The solution? A homemade sugar scrub that exfoliates and repairs!

It wasn't until I tested out this concoction from Tip Junkie that I began to find some hand and foot relief! Simply mix household sugar — brown or white — with olive oil and infuse any essential oil of your choice. I love lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. Added tip: For extra dry hands and feet, apply the sugar scrub at night followed by moisturizing coconut oil, and then put socks and gloves on hands and feet when you go to sleep. Trust me, it works, and you'll wake up soft and smooth ready for another winter day!

We love this sugar scrub for gifts, too! Because let's face it — everyone needs added moisture and a little touch of luxury in the wintertime.

Get sugar scrub recipes from Tip Junkie.

5. DIY All-Natural Rose Water Skin and Hair Mist

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We love this DIY because it's a grab-n-go one we can throw in our bags all winter long. Spray this DIY moisturizing mist on your hair and skin wherever you are this winter to give yourself a glimmer of summer dew and moisture! We love this rose water skin and hair mist recipe from Free People's Blog because it's super simple and smells amazing, too. Composed of just three ingredients and a spray bottle, we're convinced this spray is so good we're going to use it all year long.

Get the full recipe from Free People here.


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