10 Genius Home Hacks Using Your Beauty Products

The secret to perfectly polished furniture and shinier silverware? It's in your bathroom vanity. We love a good multitasking beauty product, which is why we were thrilled to learn that certain cosmetics could be used for cleaning and repairs around the house. Here are 10 unexpected ways to use your nail polish, hair products, and more.

The secret weapons you need? They're in your medicine cabinet. Learn five genius ways your beauty products can give new life to things you didn't know how to fix.

1. Nail polish will fix chipped dishware and tile.

Yes, you read that right. Pick a shade that's similar to the damaged dish or tile and simply paint over the chip. Then go get a mani with the money you saved on replacing the plate.

2. Deodorant can break in shoes.

Those cute new ballet flats you just bought can leave you with pretty painful blisters until they stretch a bit. The fix: Swipe stick deodorant over heels and sides of your feet before slipping into the pair. The smooth film protects skin against friction.

3. Your flat iron is an easy way to quickly iron clothes.

When you're crunched for time, taking out the iron and ironing board seems like way too much work. Instead, just run your hot hair straightener over the wrinkly fabric until smooth. A flat iron is especially good for pressing collars.

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4. A razor will depill clothing.

If your favorite sweater is starting to pill, try this trick: Grab a disposable razor and gently run the blades over the pilly parts. It'll look brand new again.

5. Shaving cream removes stains.

The rich lathering foam doesn't just make for a smoother shave, it can save your favorite shirt. The plain white variety breaks down greasy and otherwise tough-to-get-out stains. Apply a little to the spot. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot with a damp cloth. The shaving cream and the stain should be gone.

6. Toothpaste will shine silver.

The same stuff that gets your teeth gleaming will get your silvery jewelry or heirloom flatware set shining again. Rub it on the item. Then rub it off with a paper towel. Note: Don't try this trick with silver-plated stuff; the abrasive particles in toothpaste can wear away the coating.

7. Vaseline removes gum.

It's happened to all of us: You fell asleep while chewing gum and now you have a big wad stuck in your hair. To get it out without snipping your strands, rub a dollop of petroleum jelly over the gum. Then comb it out gently.

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8. Baby oil doubles as polish.

The slick stuff will restore shine to everything from chrome fixtures to your wooden coffee table.

9. Clear nail polish can make buttons stay put.

Losing a button is just annoying. Keep those threads from unraveling by coating them with clear polish.

10. Hairspray removes ink stains.

Spritz alcohol-containing hairspray on ink spots on leather, furniture, and even fabrics. Then blot. Repeat until the mark is gone.

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  1. A little shampoo on a cloth makes a good bathtub and sink cleaner.

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