Move over, pastels. These beachy, bright, and bold nail colors are here to help you transition into summer—and if you're more into neutrals, we have options for you, too.

By Rachel Wermager
May 10, 2019

Ready to start thinking warm, happy, summer thoughts? One idea: Start dreaming about which new hues you’ll be painting your nails this year. Summer comes with a fresh selection of polishes to choose from, making it an extra exciting time to transition your look with a pop of bright color or enhance your tan with shimmery bronzes and neutrals.

Skinny Tipping

China Glaze just released their summer 2019 collection of nail polishes, Body & Sol. The line features eight nude hues to give your nails a shimmery, multi-dimensional look. Their lightest shade from the collection, “Skinny Tipping,” is a soft, almost salmon color that's perfect for a barely-there look.

Tangoed in Love

Essie also has a brand-new collection of polishes you can sport in the summertime heat. With the popularity of lilac this year (even as hair color), you'll be right on trend with this ultra-bright purple polish.

We Seafood and Eat It

Red is a classic nail color, but for summer we’re brightening it up with this hibiscus shade of red from OPI. Its pink undertones will add a little pep to your summer wardrobe, but the polish is still sophisticated enough to wear to work or a wedding.


If your summer style is more subtle than bold, then “Nude-Tral” from Sally Hansen should be your signature shade. Nude polish doesn’t have to be boring or plain, and the best part is that it’ll match any outfit.

Sunshine State of Mind

There’s no better time to take a risk on a bold color than in the summer, so make your nails stand out with this bright coral polish. The name, “Sunshine State of Mind,” is just right for this invigorating shade, and it's how we hope to feel all summer long!

Send Hues

On the darker end of their summer collection spectrum, China Glaze’s “Send Hues” is a chocolatey brown glitter polish that makes us crave a hot fudge sundae. This nail polish proves you don’t necessarily have to go bright to get an enviable summer manicure.

Mellow Yellow

Take your spring manicure from pastel yellow to a sunny summertime shade with the help of Sally Hansen’s “Mellow Yellow.” If the color looks familiar, it might be because it’s strikingly similar to the 2019 trend of Gen Z Yellow—but don’t worry, any generation can rock this color.

With these fresh-for-summer colors, you'll have a fun new shade for every girl's trip or family vacation. Deciding which one to try first will be the toughest decision!


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