The top trend for fall is a custom mani—think nail art, unexpected textures, and edgy color combos. Thanks to these pro-inspired products, even a rookie can easily upgrade her look at home.

By Erica Metzger
August 08, 2019
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Matte finishes, glitter, and accent nails are in for fall manicures—and you can pull off these trendy looks from the comfort of your at-home salon. That's right. With a few of the right tools and eye-catching polish colors, you can nail your customized mani for the upcoming season.

DIY nail art is one of the easiest ways to set your manicure apart, but it doesn't have to be a time-consuming or difficult task. "Adding an accent nail (or two) is an easy way to perk up a mani," says Eleanor Langston, founder and CEO of the NYC nail studio Paintbox. "Paint three or four nails one color, saving your middle or ring finger for the accent—glitter, a tonal variation, a simple moon shape, or even a stud."

Are your creative juices flowing? Good. We've found everything you'll need to assist you in your upgraded at-home mani—glitz and glam included.

sally hansen base coat spray
Image courtesy of Target.

Prep Your Nails With a Base Coat Spray

A spritz of this base coat spray primes nails and prevents stains so your manicure lasts, but its fast-drying nature is perhaps our favorite thing about it. The first-ever spray-on base coat dries in about a minute so you can skip the long wait time between your prep and polish and get on with your day.

essie matte top coat
Image courtesy of Target.

Top Off Your Polish With a Matte Finish

If you already have every polish color under the sun, skip the shiny topcoat and opt for this matte formula instead. The velvety matte finish can be layered over any one of your favorite polishes to get that perfect-for-fall manicure. It's also great for pedicures!

red and pink bottles of nail polish
Image courtesy of Paint-Box.

Use Fun Color Combos

A vibrant duo works for fun nail designs or as a regular mani-pedi. Try out creative lines, patterns, or accent nails with this vibrant color combo. The beauty of this coral cherry and soft lilac set is that it gives you the freedom to be bold or subdued, and both colors are classic and glamorous.

gold glitter nail polish
Image courtesy of Ulta.

Give Your Nails Some Bling

Glitter is notoriously hard to remove, so we love the idea of a struggle-free sparkle fix with this peel-off polish. You won't have to scrub away at your nails to switch up your look, and of course, it's still loaded with all the glitz and glam to create a unique at-home manicure.

Looking for more nail trends to try out for fall? Consider switching up your nail shape with almond nails—they'll finish off your uniquely-you manicure with elegant style!