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Dip powder manicures are creating quite a buzz in the beauty world. For the uninitiated, a dip powder manicure involves using pigmented powder to coat nails in glossy color. Although the method has actually been around since the 1980s, it only recently began dominating social media feeds and making its way into nail salons everywhere. And though it's just recently skyrocketed in popularity, the allure of this trendy nail treatment has always been the same: Unlike traditional manicures, a dip powder nail treatment lasts as long as three to four weeks. It's also gentler on the nail bed compared to gel manicures that use UV light to seal in the polish, or acrylic options that often emit strong chemical smells.

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At the salon, a dip manicure costs on average between $30-$40, and that adds up if you're getting your nails done regularly. (Especially when you include the price of tipping your technician.) Plus, now that many of us are staying at home and practicing social distancing, this is a perfect time to learn how to master a DIY dip manicure at home.

We found several dip powder options that are perfect whether you're a beginner or you've been doing your own nails for years. Plus, you can order any of these kits online and get delivery right to your front door, so you don't even have to leave home.

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Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best for Beginners

If you're new to dip manicures completely, or maybe you're just doing one for the first time at home, this is the kit you need. It comes with a base coat, top coat, dip activator to bond the powder, dip brush restorer for removal, and a .4-ounce tub of red dip powder. It also includes nail files and cuticle sticks to prep for your manicure. If you'd like another color, Ulta also sells more dip powders for $10 each.

Buy It: Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit ($35, Ulta)

Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for Classic Colors

If you like to stick with the classics, consider giving this kit a try. It includes a bonding gloss, activator, brush cleaner, buffer, and three dipping powders in timeless colors—light pink, bold red, and deep plum. The easy-to-apply powders are created with a gentle formula that keeps your nails looking their best, and many reviewers agreed that the kit really is simple to use. They also noted that the reasonable price point was impressive based on the long-lasting results they experienced. 

Buy It: Color Club Serendipity Dip Powder Classic Starter Kit ($17, Amazon)

Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for Glitter

This dipping nail powder kit is perfect for glitter enthusiasts. Although it doesn’t come with the top coat, base, or activator you need to create the perfect dip powder mani, it includes six glittery hues for the final touch. Just be sure you’re stocked up on the basics before going for this kit. “Love the colors and how easy the system is to use,” one shopper wrote. So if your nails don’t feel complete without an extra layer of glitz and glam, you’ll want to add this kit to your collection of manicure essentials.

Buy It: Nicole Diary Dipping Nail Powder Kit ($15, Amazon)

mefa dip powder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for Healthy Nails

Many dip powder nail kits boast healthy, natural ingredients, this one might just be the best. The dipping powder is made with a nail protection formula containing Vitamin E and calcium to help keep nails strong, healthy, and resilient, resulting in nail growth over time. It’s also free of strong chemical smells, unlike some other acrylic gels. With a base coat, top gel, activator, and brush saver, the kit has everything you need to create a stunning nail look that appears thin and natural. “This powder is soo light and smooth...The liquids are nice and thin, but not too much that it pools at the sides and cuticles,” according to one Amazon reviewer.

Buy It: MEFA Dip Powder Nail Kit ($13, Amazon)

Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best Bargain

You can’t beat the price on this dip powder manicure kit from KISS Salon. It comes with a brush-on gel, activator, dip powder, dip tray, sponge, nail file, manicure stick, and 20 white tips to help you create a high-quality nail look at home. Reviewers noted that with the help of online tutorials, using the kit was easy and left them with great results.

Buy It: KISS Salon Dip Starter Kit ($20, Ulta)

modelones dip powder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for Just the Powders

This bold powder set is just the thing you need to grow your existing collection of dip powder nail art products. If you already have a base coat, top coat, and activator, but want to upgrade your color library, consider this kit that’s filled with six high-quality, long-lasting hues. Designed to stay put without chipping for up to three weeks, it includes a variety of shades from classic red to trendy green. Amazon shoppers said the colors are exactly as pictured and are well worth the cost if you do your own nails regularly.

Buy It: Modelones Dip Power Set for Nail Art ($25, Amazon)

Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for French Tips

For fans of the classic French manicure, this is the dip powder nail kit for you. It comes with four powder shades, including Clear, White, Barely Pink, and Cradle Pink, along with a base gel, gel activator, top gel, and brush saver. Not only does it include everything you need to create a long-lasting French tip mani at home, but it’s also non-toxic, odor-free, and environmentally-friendly. According to Amazon reviews, the powder really lasts, and the kit is relatively easy to use.

Buy It: Lavender Violets Dip Powder Nail Kit ($25, Amazon)

Dipping Nail Powder Kit Starter Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Vegan Formula

When it comes to finding the perfect dip powder kit, turn to this vegan, cruelty-free set from Azure Beauty. Its natural formula looks and feels lightweight, but it’s still strong enough to last for over two weeks without signs of chipping. Packed with four colorful powders, five gels, a nail file, polish, brush, cuticle oil, and a wooden stick, it has everything you need for a stylish at-home manicure. “Wow! I am amazed at how easy this product is to use! It’s as simple as a light coat of polish and a slow dip into the powder and your nails are transformed as if you spent an hour in the salon,” one shopper wrote.

Buy It: Azure Beauty Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit ($50, Amazon)

etsy dip powder set
Credit: Courtesy of Double Dip/Etsy

Best Etsy Brand

This 6-piece set comes with a base coat, top coat, activator, brush cleaner, and a couple of tools to help you perfect your manicure. The colors are sold separately, and you can get a set of seven classic shades for $45. The Etsy shop Double Dip offers free shipping.

Buy It: Double Dip Powder Set, ($28, Etsy)


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