Inspired by the slightly-pointed oval shape of—you guessed it—almonds, this nail shape is on the rise. According to Pinterest’s top 100 trends for 2019, searches for almond nails are up 97 percent.

By Rachel Wermager
August 08, 2019

There's a nutty manicure trend popping up in salons everywhere; in fact, you’ve probably seen the Pinterest-approved look known as almond nails without even realizing it—and it's exactly what it sounds like: A rounded nail shape with a slightly pointy tip at the top, like an almond. With just a little bit of extra effort with your nail file (or your manicurist's), this on-trend nail shape is simple to achieve. Here's why you should consider giving it a try.

“Almond nails are pretty, sophisticated, and give your mani an extra dose of style,” says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and Founder of Olive and June, a company that sells everything you need for the perfect at-home manicure. She attributes their rise in popularity to their universally flattering shape. “We have seen a definite increase in almond-shaped nails in the last few years as women are finding rounder-shaped nails elongate their fingers in a really flattering way,” Gibson Tuttle explains. It's worth noting that this look is not to be confused with the long, sharp, pointed nails that look like they could poke your eye out. That shape is aptly described as "stiletto" nails; almond nails, even long almond nails, are more delicate and natural-looking.

Even if you've been getting square-shaped acrylic nails with French tips for years, hear us out. Switching to a more rounded shape might actually help your hands appear longer and more slender. “Rounded and almond shapes are generally more flattering while square and "squoval" (square/oval) nails can sometimes make your fingers look shorter, especially if they are already short to begin with,” Gibson Tuttle explains.

So how do you determine the best nail shape for your hands? Gibson Tuttle has a simple suggestion: Match your nail shape to the shape of your cuticles. Since most people have a curved cuticle line, round and softer shapes tend to look best. But if your cuticles do have more defined edges, a square shape might work well for you.

To really accomplish that defined almond shape, this trend usually works best with longer nails. But even individuals with short nails can rock a similar statement-making style; Gibson Tuttle recommends a more oval-ed out round shape for shorter nails.

Once you master the shape of your almond nails the upkeep is simple. "We love the 90/10 rule: cut your nail 90 percent of the way into your preferred shape and then file the last 10 percent," Gibson Tuttle says. The trick to this is giving yourself a lot of at-home practice!

Almond-shaped nails can look fresh and elegant, no matter the season. So if you’re looking to test-drive this trend, grab one of your favorite polishes to accompany your new nail shape—even those tried-and-true French tips can work with this style.