From the high school friend who posts about her life-changing mascara to the flawless-skinned former co-worker who sells anti-aging creams, you've probably noticed that Facebook has become a major marketplace for beauty. And at some point, you'll probably find yourself at an online (or in-house) party wondering what to buy. Consider this your direct-to-consumer beauty cheat sheet. Here, products that are worth the "like" – and your cash.

By Krista Bennett DeMaio
May 13, 2016
rodan and fields reverse pr image one time use only

Must-try product: Reverse Dual Active Brightening Complex ($93,

Why we like it: No gimmick here. It's straight-up good skin care. This duo contains potent, tried-and-true vitamin C and retinol to fade sun-induced dark spots and smooth wrinkles. Squirt a pea-size amount of each formula in the palm of your hand, mix together, and apply to dry skin.

Jamberry Nails

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Must-try product: Nail Wraps ($15,

Why we like it: Because we're not so good at nail art. The on-trend, sticker-like polish requires no art skills, or even a steady hand. Heat the sticker with a blow dryer for three to five seconds to get it soft, press it onto your nail, and trim and file off the excess. Hit it with the heat once more and your nails are done -- for up to two weeks. On our tips right now: the cool geometric Gatsby design.  


anew one time use only pr image

Must-try product: Anew Power Serum ($40,

Why we like it: This "smart" serum, inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, can assess your skin's needs – hydration, texture refining, radiance, wrinkle-smoothing, and firmness (or all of the above)  – and deliver what it needs, where it needs it.


one time use only nerium pr image

Must-try product: Firming Body Contour Cream ($110,

Why we like it: We know this pricy cream won't give us six-pack abs (if only!), but we do think the skin on our post-baby belly looks a whole lot smoother than it did before we started our twice-daily applications.

Phuse Beauty

eyelash curler PR image one time use

Must-try product: Curl It Eyelash Curler ($13,

Why we like it: This new-kid-on-the-block brand is all about professional-quality beauty basics including hot tools, brushes, and implements that won't break the bank. This lightweight, easy-to-grip curler yields lashes that are curved, not crimped.

Mary Kay

marykay lip and cheek pr image one time use

Must-try product: Mary Kay at Play Lip & Cheek Sticks in Peach Pop ($10,

Why we like it: We're makeup bag minimalists at heart, so we love when we can use one product in multiple ways. Plus, the bright pop of color looks fresh and fun on lips, cheeks, or both.


younique mascara one time use only pr image

Must-try product: Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes ($29,

Why we like it: The mascara really does make your lashes look crazy long. Swipe on the Transplanting Gel, layer on the 3D fibers, and then seal the deal with more transplanting gel. The effect is false lashes without the hassle of glue and strips.


tint skin beauty

Must-try product: Tint Skin Foundation ($38,

Why we like it: This brand leaves out potentially harmful ingredients (seriously, they've banned over 1,500 questionable ones), but doesn't skimp on quality and luxury. The silky slip and natural-looking finish of this foundation are similar to what you'd get with a high-end, prestige product.


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