We know keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful is a top priority, and the answer to your aging skin is simple: sunscreen.

By Rachel Wermager
April 26, 2019
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Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen isn’t simply for days when you’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time; applying sunscreen is an important step in your skincare routine and should be done daily to keep skin healthy and protected. The good news is, even if you go light on sunscreen (or forget to apply), your makeup can provide some extra coverage. Most foundations, BB and CC creams, and lip balms contain SPF to help prevent sun damage. And most recently, skincare brand Supergoop unveiled a new SPF-packed makeup product for an area that's often neglected during sunscreen application: Eyelids.

Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Supergoop's newly released cream eyeshadow contains SPF 30, ($24 each, Saks Fifth Avenue), and we can't wait to add it to our sun-protection regimen, STAT. It comes in four neutral “shimmer” shades that contain ingredients to help soothe, moisturize, and of course, protect the thin, sensitive skin on eyelids from harsh UV rays.

Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

You may be wondering, is it really that important to wear sunscreen around your eye areas and on your eyelids? Well, when you think about it, your eyes are often one of the first places to show signs of aging like crow’s feet and wrinkles. Keeping that delicate skin safe can certainly help reduce those early signs of aging—and your risk of skin cancer.

Supergoop’s eyeshadow can even be worn as a shimmery base for using other eyeshadows, so you’re not limited to the four shades the company provides for SPF protection (even if they do look great all on their own). Simply use your finger to swipe it on, and then pat it onto the eyelid for luminous SPF 30 coverage.

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to seriously start thinking about all the ways to keep your skin safe. Streamlining your SPF and everyday beauty products is a convenient “two birds, one stone” solution.

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November 24, 2019
Please do not forget to apply sunscreen. Having lost my son this year to Stage 4 Melanoma, I don't want any other family to go through this tragedy.