Pinterest Beauty Hacks: Do They Really Work?

A quick look at Pinterest, and you'd think it holds the answer to all your problems -- especially ones of the beauty nature. We put some of the most popular hacks to the test. Do they really work? Watch and find out!

1. Powder for Thicker Lashes

loose powder

Dip a clean eyelash brush into powder, apply to eyelashes, and top with your favorite mascara. Lashes will appear longer and fuller! Success.

2. Keep Mascara Off Your Skin with a Spoon

mascara hack

Hold a clean spoon underneath your bottom eyelashes and apply mascara. The skin under your eyes remains mascara-free. Success.

3. Use Tape to Keep Your Eyeliner Straight

beauty hacks

Apply tape to the outer corners of your eye. Then, apply eyeliner to outer half of eye as you normally would. The eyeliner goes on smoothly, but if you're an eyeliner pro, it's probably easiest to do it without the help of the tape. Success.

4. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

beauty hacks

Will this household product be able to successfully take off your makeup? After testing, we found that it provides a streak-free, clean finish. Success.

5. Line and Curl Lashes at the Same Time

eye liner and curler

Heat your eyelash curler with a blowdryer for an extra boost of curl. As a bonus, this will melt off leftover product, and you can wipe away residue for a clean curler. Draw eyeliner across the inside of your curler, then curl your lashes as you normally would. You might need to do a little touch-up, but overall: Success.

6. Powdered Drink Mix Lip Color

beauty hacks

Begin by dipping a lip brush in water. Then dip in powdered drink mix, such as Kool-Aid, and brush onto lips. This provides bold color and tastes super sweet! Success.

7. Fix a Broken Makeup Palette with Rubbing Alcohol

make up

Cover your broken powder with plastic. Smash into fine powder using a dull surface, such as the back end of a spatula. Remove plastic and saturate the powder with rubbing alcohol. Smooth with spatula. Wait 24 hours for palette to harden. You now have a powder that's nearly as good as new. Success.


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