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How To Look More Awake
It's a common beauty complaint: In the a.m., your eyeliner and mascara look flawless, but by 3 p.m. it looks like you've slept in your makeup. Since you're probably not snoozing on the job, the source of your smudges is most likely liner or mascara that mixes with oil and sweat and migrates down to your undereyes. Here, easy tricks to clean up your act and prevent your next eye makeup meltdown.

Prime It

An eyeshadow primer works in two ways: It mattifies oily lids, so your shadow and eyeliner are less likely to slide all over your face, and it gives your makeup something to stick to for hours, explains Fiona Stiles, celebrity makeup artist and founder of online beauty shop Reed Clark. Her favorite:

Ditch Your Eye Cream

Your rich eye cream isn’t doing your makeup any favors. “The oils in these creams quickly get to work on breaking down your mascara, making you resemble a panda,” says Stiles. Instead, switch to a lightweight, oil-free formula for day and leave the heavyweight stuff for nighttime.

Draw the (Budge-Proof) Line

Creamy and waxy eyeliner pencils can get sooty-looking, fast. Switch to a long-wearing gel that stays put until you take it off.

Go Waterproof

Waterproof mascara won't move until you take it off with a makeup remover. If you don't want to totally give up your favorite tube, brush a waterproof formula on your lower lashes only, says Stiles.

Try Tubing

An alternative to waterproof mascara: a smear-free formula that wraps lashes in tiny tubes that come off -- in one piece -- only with soap and water.

Set It with Powder

Keep creamy eyeliner in line with a setting powder, says Stiles. After you apply your liner, "use a latex wedge to press a little loose, translucent powder right under the lower lashes," she says. One of her go-to powders:

Seal the Deal

Make all your favorite eyeliners and eyeshadows water-resistant by layering them with a clear, liquid sealant.

Make Cleanup Easy

Because smudges will happen: Keep travel-friendly makeup-removing sticks in your bag to easily erase makeup smears, stat.

Fake a full 8 hours with these eye-opening makeup tricks.

How to Look More Awake

Fake a full eight hours with these easy steps.

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