Makeup Tricks To Make You Look More Awake

Didn't sleep? No one needs to know. This eye-makeup routine will help you look more awake.

Fake a full 8 hours with these eye-opening makeup tricks.

1. Apply highlighter to inner corners of eyes.

Why This Works: Highlighter lightens the entire eye area, which hides dark, tired-looking eyes.

2. Apply highlighter to brow bones.

3. Pat a light, neutral, shimmery shadow onto eyelids.

Why This Works: While you want to brighten your eyes, today's not the day to make them the main attraction. A subtle shade will even everything out.

4. Line eyes with brown liner, starting a quarter of the way across the eye.

5. Flick out liner at outer corners.

Why This Works: A slight cat eye elongates and brings attention away from the eye.

6. Gently smudge liner with finger.

7. Apply black mascara, and use curved brush to add curl.

Why This Works: Curled lashes make your eyes look more open.

8. Tap a peachy foundation under your eyes.

Why This Works: Orange-y concealer counteracts the blueness of under-eye circles.

9. Finish with concealer.


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