Whether you're a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, you can complete this look in just a few simple steps.

By BH&G Editors
Updated September 18, 2019

For those with downturned eyes, a little lift can go a long way. With this eye shape, the outer corner of the eye turns down lower than the inner corner, so the goal is to find the best makeup for downturned eyes that elevates their appearance. Although this can be a tricky task, we have the tips and techniques to prettify your peepers in just five easy steps. To create your own gorgeous look, you’re going to need a few tools readily available, including an eyelash curler, eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. These items are standard in just about any makeup tutorial, so it’s a good idea to always have them stocked in your vanity. Once you have your items in hand, here’s what you’ll need to do, step by step.

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1. Add Shadow

First comes the eye shadow. We suggest selecting a neutral shade that works well with your skin tone. You can either choose one shadow or opt for a palette and combine a few hues. One of our favorite options is Maybelline's The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $9.98 on Amazon.

2. Smudge Shadow

Now, you're going to use a brush to smudge the shadow toward the tail end of the brows. This will soften the cat-eye and round out the look of the eye. Use the crease of the eye as a guide when smudging the shadow.

3. Apply Eyeliner

Now, this is what makes or break the entire look, so a steady hand is key. To make it easier to follow your lash line, carefully stretch your lid by the outer corner of your eye. Using either black or brown liner, draw a very thin line on your lid, and flick the end upward in the style of a cat-eye. You can decide how much—or how little drama—you want to add. A pencil liner, such as the Infallible Never Fail Pencil Eyeliner from L'Oréal Paris, $7.25 on Amazon, will make this step easier.

4. Curl Lashes

Now, we're onto lashes. Begin by using an eyelash curler to gently curl lashes. Make sure you’re using a good quality curler, such as the Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler, $9.03 on Amazon. You want to make sure your curler (and any other tool you're using) is clean, so if there’s any dried mascara on it, make sure to wipe it off. If you’re looking to add a little extra oomph, heat up your tool by holding your hairdryer close to it for a few seconds. Just make sure the metal isn’t hot enough to burn your lids—ouch!

5. Finish With Mascara

To finish everything off, swipe on a few coats of mascara. Starting at the roots of your lashes, wiggle the wand up toward the tips while blinking. For a natural look, stick with one coat of mascara, but if you like bolder lashes, add two or three layers. If you’re searching for volume, we recommend L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, $19.94 for two on Amazon. For those who are looking for length, try out Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Mascara, $8.28 on Amazon. And if you want the best of both worlds, COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Extensions LashBlast Mascara, $5.62 on Amazon, is the one for you.

Now your eyes are refreshed and ready for any event. Whether you’re wanting an everyday look or something more exciting for a night out on the town, you can easily make this idea more or less intense. Just apply your foundation and favorite lip color and you’re good to go.

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February 19, 2020
I’m not into being made to feel bad about how I was born & I also don’t feel like I have to conform to a Kewpie doll norm. I agree w the basic info provided here, but I use color A LOT & feel like my unique hooded eyes make for a great canvas to express my creativity. Ladies,(& some gents) why be trapped in the “natural “ yet contrived look when there’s a whole world of color out there?