It leaves my face feeling soft and super clean with no residue left behind.

By Jennifer Aldrich
July 23, 2020
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For many years, I swore by makeup removing wipes. I loved how easy and convenient they are: take a wipe out, rub it on my face, and throw it away. I wasn't staining my washcloths with makeup and cleansing products, and I could take a pack of wipes with me when I traveled because they're not a liquid. But in the past year, I discovered a product that has me swearing off wipes for good. It's the Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm. Made with quality ingredients that clean my skin without over-drying it, it's made my complexion clearer over the last few months. Even if you use makeup wipes every day (like I once did), I promise this item is a replacement you must try.

The Problems with Makeup Removing Wipes

First off, there are a couple of significant issues with makeup wipes: they're bad for your skin and the environment. Both makeup wipes and cleansers actually have similar ingredients, says Charlotte Birnbaum, M.D., a dermatologist at Spring Street Dermatology in New York City. "They both have surfactants to break down the interface between oil, water, and dirt, helping remove them from our skin," she says. However, with wipes, particles are often left on the skin. "This residue can include surfactants, solubilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives, which when left on the skin can lead to irritation or an allergic reaction," Birnbaum explains. Wipes are also hurting the planet, according to Global Citizen. Although they're disposable, the majority of wipes aren't biodegradable, so they clog up sewer systems and wash up on shorelines.

green clean makeup removing cleansing balm
Credit: Courtesy of Farmacy

The Replacement: Makeup Removing Balm

Okay, now that you might be second-guessing your trusty wipes, let me introduce you to the product to replace them. The Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm ($34, Sephora), takes off makeup by "melting" it off your face. To use, you take the spoon and scoop out a portion of the balm. Rub it all around your face, including your eyes, and rinse it off. Trust me; as someone who rocks a full-face of makeup on the daily, the balm can get rid of any product. This stuff removes my full-coverage foundation, the KVD Vegan Beauty Lock-It Foundation ($37, Sephora), as well as my eyeshadow and mascara. It thoroughly cleanses my face, with absolutely no residue left behind, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, not stripped. I also use the balm on days I don't wear makeup to give my skin a thorough cleansing.

The balm works for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin. It's a clean, vegan product made free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Plus, the packaging is recyclable. (Basically, it's good for your skin and does as little harm to the environment as possible.) The makeup removing balm also has a nearly perfect rating from more than 3,000 reviews on Sephora.

My skin has never looked better since I started implementing the cleansing balm into my skincare routine. I love that it's made with quality ingredients that are good for my face and won't harm the earth. If you don't want to commit fully, you can buy a mini version of the balm for $22. However, I think that once you start using it, you'll get rid of your makeup wipes for good.


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