Want longer, fuller lashes without the expense of extensions? These magnetic falsies will do the trick.

By Rachel Wermager
April 02, 2019
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There are many ways to instantly achieve long, doll-like lashes at home. The very best mascaras can add length and volume in a matter of coats. False lashes can supplement sparse natural lash lines and add drama, though they can take some skill to apply. And then there's the newcomer, magnetic lashes, which give wearers all the perks of fake eyelashes without any of the messy application. If, like us, you've been intrigued by the idea of magnetic lashes, here's what to know about this beauty trend.

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What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are false eyelashes that secure around your natural upper lashes using — you guessed it — magnets instead of glue. Each set includes a top and bottom lash piece for each eye. Many magnetic lashes also come with an applicator to make the process of putting them on even smoother. You should still expect to put some practice into getting them on just right, but unlike lashes that require glue, magnetic lashes are easy to remove and reposition (plus, no dry time!). Another benefit of these lashes is that they are reusable, some up to 15 times.

How to Apply and Remove Them

This first step is key: Put a coat of mascara on your natural lashes so the false ones have a bit of texture to cling to. To apply magnetic lashes without an applicator, place the "upper" row of magnetic lashes across the top of your natural lash line, as close to the roots as possible. Hold it in place as you grab the "lower" row of magnetic lashes (it will go on the underside of your upper lashes). Align the lower row with the upper row so that the magnets lock into place around your natural lashes. Adjust them with your fingers if they feel out of place.

Magnetic lashes are safe to wear, but it's best to take them off at the end of the day (or after a night out) to give your natural lashes a break. To remove, gently lift the top lashes up and peel the bottom ones down until they unstick. You can also your thumb and pointer finger to lightly rub the magnets until they are no longer aligned and slide apart. Avoid pulling magnetic lashes straight off; this could accidentally harm your real lashes.

Where to Buy

Magnetic lashes are available in drugstores and online. Here are a few buyable options under $20.

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Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Ardell is one of the best-reviewed brands for magnetic lashes, largely because of the tiny, almost-invisible magnets that line each lash. (They help the false lashes snuggle up to the natural lash line without flaring out.)

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Kiss Magnetic Lashes

Kiss lashes are lightweight and pre-curved to flatter all eye shapes, and they come with an applicator for easy placement. If, right out of the package, the magnetic lashes seem too long for your eyes, simply trim them down with a pair of scissors before application.

Image courtesy of Eylure.

Eylure Magnetic Lashes

Eylure Luxe magnetic lashes are handmade and, of course, reusable. They're also latex-free and come with an applicator for quick application.


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