How to Wear Makeup with Glasses

Glasses have become a chic, wear-with-everything accessory, but making them work with your makeup requires a little extra thought. We asked makeup artist Gita Bass, who works with the often-bespectacled Tina Fey, for her best tips.

Use a Magnifying Mirror

Stop squinting and zoom in on your makeup with a mirror that mimics the effects of your glasses, says Bass. If you can't part with your pair, slide them down toward the tip of your nose as you apply your makeup. Pop them back on periodically to check your work, she says.

Get Set

Foundation smudged all over the bridge of your glasses is not a cute look. To avoid it, Bass suggests giving your base ample time to set before you slip on your specs. Most formulas require a few minutes, she says. Also, consider switching to a long-wearing, transfer-resistant formula, which won't melt down during the day. (We like Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup, $15, For the occasional smudge, Bass, a Simple Advisory Board Member, recommends keeping makeup removing wipes handy (she stocks her kit with Simple Skincare Improved Cleansing Wipes, $7; for quick and easy cleanup.

Conceal Carefully

Specs can call attention to under eye circles -- and cakey, creased concealer, says Bass. "Instead of piling it on, try a luminizing highlighter or a sheer liquid formula," she says. Also, look for a formula that's waterproof -- it won't crease. We like Dolce & Gabbana The Concealer Perfect Finish Concealer ($40,

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Consider Your Lenses When Choosing Makeup

"If yours are especially magnifying, a dark, smoky eye, or heavy black liner can look too harsh," says Bass. Tone down the look with a soft pearlescent shadow with a thin black line to define eyes. If you're near-sighted, your lenses may make your eyes appear smaller. In that case, go for neutral or nude shadow with shimmer, which makes eyes look bigger, says Bass. We like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin ($19,, a shimmering champagne.

Brighten Up

The frames of your glasses can cast unflattering shadows around your eye area. To counteract the darkness, Bass says to dab a shimmery highlighter in inner corners of your eyes, or on the center of your lids. "It reflects light back into your eyes, making them look open and bright," she says. We like NYX Roll On Shimmer in Platinum ($4,

Skip the Lengthening Mascara

Who doesn't want long lashes? You -- if it means they're going to smudge all over your lenses. "If your lashes are too long, they're going hit your glasses every time you blink," says Bass. Your goal: Focus on volume and curl. Start with an eyelash curler to lift lashes up and away from your glasses. Then apply a thickening mascara. We like Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara ($14, Bass also suggests combing through wet lashes with a lash comb. "Clumps are more obvious through lenses," she says.

Create Balance

Your frames draw lots of attention to your eyes. Create balance by pairing them with a strong statement lip (like a very on-trend matte cherry red), or a bold, well-defined brow, says Bass.

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