How to Apply False Eyelashes

Big night out? Learn how to fake it: False lashes can take your eyes from pretty to pretty amazing. Makeup maven Sonia Kashuk tells us how to make application a cinch.

1. Apply Last Put on falsies after finishing your shadow and liner. It's tricky to get a smoky eye just right with extra lashes in the way.

2. Customize Using tweezers, hold the strip where your own lashes start at the inner corner of your eye. if there's any excess at outer corner, trim.

3. Add Glue Holding the strip with your tweezers, apply a very thin (as in nearly nonexistent) coat of glue straight from the tube. Swipe your finger over the strip to smooth and remove any excess -- globs of glue are a dead giveaway that you're wearing fakes.

4. Place Wait 10 seconds, then place the strip at the roots of your own lashes with the tweezers. Don't stress if you make a mistake. Simply use your fingers to remove any glue and go back to Step 2. Repeat Steps 1–3 on your other eye.

5. Curl After two minutes, clamp with an eyelash curler -- it will help your natural lashes blend with the false ones. Seal with mascara.

6. Remove Before removing, wet a cotton swab with hot water and run along the lash band to soften the glue. You'll save your natural lashes.

Complete your eye look with our step-by-step instructions to get a gorgeous smoky eye.

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How to Apply False Eyelashes


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