The award-winning actress and co-creator of CVS beauty line Nuance follows a refreshingly down-to-earth routine.

April 04, 2017


The first thing I do is drink coffee. I like it with coconut milk; it's delicious! The next thing I have is kefir, a fermented drink that tastes like yogurt. Sometimes I put fruit, nuts, honey, and a little bit of bee pollen in it. I do love my meals, but I start the day a bit lighter.


I do not wash my face in the morning. My grandmother taught me that if you cleanse well at night, your face shouldn't be dirty in the morning, and you don't want to strip away the oils that your skin worked so hard to produce while you slept. Instead I spray my face lightly with rose water then apply eye cream to my eyes and lips and anti-aging lotion to my face.


I'd rather spend more time with my daughter or husband than put on makeup in the morning. But when I have to, I mix Nuance Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation in Medium Warm ($14.99, into my lotion and turn it into a tinted moisturizer. Then I go over my sun spots with just the foundation.


I've had a lot of injuries, so I concentrate more on yoga and body awareness. I've also learned that getting in shape involves relaxing in the right places, like your shoulders and neck.


When you wear the right shoes, you carry yourself better all day. My feet do not like shoes without arch support, so I'm wearing the Fenty Puma by Rihanna sneakers when I'm not in heels.


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