We've rounded up our top five beauty trends predicted for 2019—and what to buy to achieve the looks.

By Rachel Wermager
December 27, 2018
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We've already shared the top hair colors we can't wait to try in 2019, and now we're setting our sights on beauty. Pinterest has officially released its top 100 trends for 2019, and the report is full of bold lips, glossy looks, and natural, healthy lashes. We've called out our five favorite trends from that list—trends that are easy to accomplish with a few products that we've hand-picked. It's out with the old and in with the new—say hello to the top five beauty trends for 2019.

Photo courtesy of Physicians Formula

Bold Lips

Standout lip color searches are up 467 percent, according to Pinterest. People are pairing natural and barely-there makeup with a bold statement lip for added attention. These two richly pigmented lipsticks deliver long-lasting color while keeping lips healthy and smooth.

Photo courtesy of OPI

Dip Nails

Say goodbye to chipped nails in 2019! Powder dipping is supposed to last longer than gel or shellac nails and is much easier to remove. The process of getting a dip manicure is also simple and fast. You can get a dip manicure done professionally, or some retailers like OPI are starting to sell at-home dip kits.

Photo courtesy of Ulta

Go Glossy

Matte makeup was huge in 2018, but glossy looks are about to make a comeback. Use gloss to help your best facial features shine (favorite uses: cheekbones, eyelids, and lips). These two gloss products do it all: they'll give skin an iridescent, lightweight, high-gloss sheen wherever they're applied.

Photo courtesy of Target

Liquid Exfoliators

This year we're stocking up on gentle liquid exfoliators and toners for brighter, smoother skin. Searches for liquid exfoliators are up, and it's easy to see why. These products soothe the skin and are gentle enough to prevent irritation and uncover healthy, glowing skin. Toner also unblocks pores and reduces their appearance, and it's suitable for all skin types.

Photo courtesy of Walmart

Natural Lash Lift

In 2019, we're throwing out the false eyelashes and tending to our own. Wax-free mascaras and primers give the natural lashes the appearance of false lashes while keeping them healthy and low-maintenance. Our two favorite mascara products will keep your natural lashes clump-free and voluminous.


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