We're always in the mood for a jaw-dropping makeup or hair hack to make our lives easier. Because let's be honest: Pulling hair into an ~effortless~ messy bun doesn't usually happen without effort. Luckily, we've tracked down three quick and easy beauty hacks on Instagram that are about to make your life so much easier. Enjoy!

By Jessi Wilson
March 02, 2016

Fix Broken Lipstick

Ever leave your favorite, expensive lipstick in your car on a *hot* day? We know we have! And since buying new lipstick can get pricey, we love this trick by beauty guru @andreitanovoa. All you need is a lighter to melt the two pieces together before putting the lipstick in the freezer to set.

Apply Eyeshadow Flawlessly

Who knew a spoon could come in handy when doing makeup? Makeup artist @kamilabravo uses one to apply a darker eyeshadow to her crease with crazy precision.

Master the Messy Bun

We always thought creating the perfect messy bun every time was an impossible dream—until hair blogger @missysueblog proved us wrong. Watch her full tutorial here, which includes three different ways to style messy buns.


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