10 Beauty Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

It's 2016! You can order dinner, cash a check, and find love in a swipe. So why not load up your makeup bag, plan your next facial, and choose a new hair hue on your phone, too? Here are the apps that have made glamming up simpler, cheaper, and even more fun.


What it does: In under two minutes, MATCHCo scans your complexion in five spots (your forehead, both cheeks, and the front and back of your wrists) to create a customized foundation that will perfectly match your skintone. You can also scan your skin periodically to get skin-care and makeup tips tailored to your coloring. The app is free, but a bespoke foundation costs $49.

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2. StyleSeat

What it does: Like OpenTable but for beauty! StyleSeat books all of your haircuts, makeovers, and grooming (even massages and personal trainers) at the tap of a screen! StyleSeat pairs you with professionals for all your glamming needs (based on availability, proximity, and recommendations) and then schedules the appointment for you -- even if it's super last-minute.

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3. RetailMeNot

What it does: RetailMeNot alerts you on nearby offers that can be used at beauty destinations, including Ulta, Sephora, CVS, and more. Once you get notified of a deal, show the cashier your smartphone at checkout and then save on all your hair, makeup, and skin-care purchases! The app offers over 500,000 coupons for 50,000 stores.

4. Benefit Brow Genie

What it does: When you head into a Benefit brow bar, the expert bases your ideal shape off of a 3-step mapping system. They examine your face and determine where your brows should start, arch, and where the tail should end. This app does exactly that, based on an uploaded photo. It scans your pic and creates little black dashes where your brows should land for a flawless look. This is super helpful for DIY tweezing and to know where to fill in and define with makeup!

5. L'Oreal's Makeup Genius

What it does: The mind-blowing L'Oreal's Makeup Genius app uses the same technology that helped filmmakers transform Brad Pitt into Benjamin Button and lets you virtually try on a library full of products and makeup looks that will move with your face on the screen. So if you wink or blow a kiss, the makeup you're trying out will, too! Also fascinating: you can scan any L'Oreal product you find at the store to try it before you buy it.

6. Think Dirty

What it does: Scan (virtually) any beauty product to reveal details about the ingredients, how toxic the formula is, and get a list of cleaner, safer (AKA toxin-free) options. The founder, Lily Tse, created Think Dirty because her family had a history of breast cancer. She wanted consumers to have a more realistic view of what's in their products so they can make healthier, more educated purchases.

7. ShadeScout

What it does: Match makeup to pretty much anything! You can upload a pic of a flower, dress, or any image you come across and it will scan through 40 different brands to find a perfect color fit. Once you've found the hue you're searching for, you can try it on in live time before you decide if you want to buy it.

8. Modiface Hair Color

What it does: Dreaming of a hair color makeover but not sure how the finished product would look? Download Modiface! You upload a pic, trace along where your hair falls in the photo, and then experiment with all the gorgeous color options. Compared to other hair color apps (which can tend to look a little fake or wiglike), this was surprisingly realistic!

9. First Derm

What it does: Sometimes access to a derm can be super pricey and involve a long wait. If you need medical advice about a skin concern, First Derm will ask you to describe your symptoms and snap a photo of the issue. In less than a day, a board-certified dermatologist will contact you to discuss your condition, come up with a treatment plan, or let you know if you need to make a doc appointment IRL. Any info is kept confidential and your interaction with the First Derm can be paid by credit card (starting at $25).

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10. Beautylish

What it does: Beautylish is kind of a jack of all trades. It has product reviews, tips and tricks, video tutorials, and a community of hair and makeup experts that you can get real advice from! Whether you're looking for wedding makeup inspo, a cat eye how-to, or the perfect hair serum -- you'll find it here.


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