Chic and Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Ponytail

Aah, the ponytail. Simple, sweet, and easy to accomplish—it's a classic for a reason. But sometimes a basic ponytail can look a little blah. Dress it up with fun braids, twists, and accents. We partnered with our friends at to bring you easy-to-follow tutorials and advice.

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    Diagonal Double-Lace Braid

    Part French braid, part lace braid, and part ponytail, this diagonal double-lace braid will have people stopping you in the street to ask how you did your hair. It's that impressive. We've broken it down into 10 easy-to-follow steps. 

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    4-Strand Braid

    Take your braid game to the next level with this four-strand plait. It's a tricky style, so employ a friend to practice on until you get the hang of it. 

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    Accent Braid Pony

    A basic pony goes boho with this simple accent-braid style. Add texture to your hair by curling it, then braid a small section near your part. Gather the braid and remaining hair into a pony.

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    French-Twisted Ponytail

    Added texture and salt spray keep this French-twisted ponytail from looking too proper. It's the perfect casual-chic style to rock at work, on a date, or for a night out with the girls.

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    Knotted Ponytail

    This style is a little more knotty than it is nice. You'll add volume—and hide the elastic—with this simple knotted ponytail upgrade. 

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    Inverted Fishtail

    Channel your inner mermaid with this incredible inverted fishtail ponytail braid. It's no more difficult than a traditional fishtail, but it's got an extra touch of trendiness. 

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    Licorice Braid

    Reminiscent of its candy namesake, this fun licorice braid is easy to do. Start by gathering your hair in a high ponytail. Divide the hair in half, and rope-braid each section. Then take the two braids and twist them together, securing with an elastic. 

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    Pull-Through Braid

    Whether it's dressed up or down, this pull-through braid is stunning. Start with a low pony, then divide into sections. Pull hair through each section, all the while reserving strands to create a narrow braid. Thread the braid through the pony and secure. 

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    Twisted Side Ponytail

    Shake up that side pony! It's easy—we promise. Just twist and pin sections of hair along the nape of your neck, then secure remaining hair with an elastic.

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    Retro Ponytail

    This everyday retro side pony proves messy can be cool. Use day-old hair or texturizing spray for hold, then back-comb hair to add volume. 

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    Romantic Fishtail

    Not only are ponytails incredibly versatile, but they're also a fun place to incorporate accessories. This romantic fishtail braid weaves fresh flowers into the hair, making it the perfect look for brides or bridesmaids (or any special spring or summer event).

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    Short-Hair Pony

    It can be tricky to make a ponytail look good if you have short hair, but this full ponytail tutorial shows you how. The trick is to divide your hair into three sections, gather one with an elastic, then pin the other two sections into place. 

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    Side Fishtail

    Need to tame your hair after a night out? This style is for you. The French side-fishtail braid works best when your hair already has a little volume—like with second-day curls. 

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    Side Pony with Micro Braids

    Get a natural look with this messy low-slung side pony with micro braids. The beauty of this style is that it's designed to be imperfect. Plus, it's super simple and requires no skill other than knowing how to create a basic three-strand braid. 

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    Twisted Pony

    This twisted ponytail is an easy look to put together—even when you're rushing out the door at the last minute. Twist hair on both sides of your head, then secure in a low pony.

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