The secret to the perfect head of curls has been hanging on your bathrobe all along.

If you're anything like me, social distancing has you heading into yet another week of rocking the messy bun. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for low-effort hairstyles, but lately, I've been starting to feel a bit blah when it comes to my beauty routine. Enter: the limitless inspiration of the Internet. Last night while scrolling through social media, I stumbled upon an unexpected antidote to my beauty boredom. A trending TikTok video, now with 1.2 million views and counting, promised perfect curls overnight. The trick? A basic bathrobe belt. 

As someone who has fallen victim to many failed Pinterest hair tutorials in the past, the promise of effortlessly styled locks seemed too good to be true. Yet the use of a bathrobe belt was strangely intriguing. So I brushed my hair, dismantled my robe, and decided to give it a try. 

curling hack before
Credit: Courtesy of Averi Baudler

With dry hair, I first parted my hair as I normally do and divided it into two sections. Next, I centered the belt in the middle of my head. (It's best to use one from a plush robe instead of a silky material.) Starting with the pieces that frame my face, I grabbed chunks of hair the size of what I would normally wrap around my curling wand and twisted it around the robe, adding more and more hair each time.

hair hack during
Credit: Courtesy of Averi Baudler

Once I made it about halfway through one side of my head, I wrapped the back pieces in the opposite direction in order to get more texture in my curls. After securing the ends of my twists with some hair ties and marveling at my bizarre look in the mirror, I was off to bed.

Hair curling hack
Credit: Courtesy of Averi Baudler

The next morning, after carefully removing the belt from my hair, I couldn’t believe how well it worked! My hair was definitely curly, and it looked like I had spent all morning styling my hair when in reality I had just rolled out of bed. The entire process was surprisingly simple and only took around five minutes (plus a full night's sleep), which is a huge improvement from the usual 20 minutes it takes me to curl with heat

Young woman with long blonde wavy hair
Credit: Courtesy of Averi Baudler

And while I admit that tossing and turning at night resulted in a little frizz (which I let be without any product), the amount of time I was able to save made it well worth it. This hack also made my hair appear super healthy, and I didn’t have to worry about hairspray making it look crunchy or stiff. The curls fell slightly throughout the course of the day (as most curls do), but I found they generally held their shape and volume from morning to night. 

This easy hack will definitely be part of my future hairstyle repertoire. I'm a fan of anything that allows me to sleep in for a few extra minutes, and I know this hair hack will take time off my morning routine. I'm not completely ditching my curling iron quite yet, but it's nice to have this in my pocket for when I want to give my hair a break from heat without sacrificing style.


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