The Coolest Braid Hairstyles You Haven't Tried

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Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles. They can be dressed up or down, and there are tons of options for newbies and experts alike. We partnered with our friends at to showcase some of the coolest braided styles—like the 5-strand braid, chain link braid, and mermaid braid.

3-Strand Braid

This 3-strand-braid hairstyle is perfect for braiding newbies. You only need to know how to complete a basic braid, but sneaky tricks—like tugging on the outside portions—give each strand a unique look. 

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5-Strand Braid

This 5-strand braid isn't as complicated as it appears—but it will require a little practice. We've broken down the process into six easy-to-follow steps. 

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Dutch--or milkmaid--braids are popping up everywhere. See how easy it is to add this pretty look to your ponytail.

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Amp up a basic pony with this easy Dutch braid twist. It's a perfect style to rock on days when you are short on time but still need to look polished.

Bohemian-Chic Faux Braid

This bohemian-chic hairstyle isn't technically a braid, but we won't tell if you won't! Just portion off small sections of hair with elastics and twist. Continue until you've gathered every strand.

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Braided Bun

This braided bun is perfect for those times when you just need your hair up and out of your face. A sweet lace braid adds elegance, while the messy bun in the back keeps it casual. 

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Chain Link Braid

Chain link braids add an instant modern edge to any outfit. They can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but this step-by-step tutorial makes them a cinch.

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Diagonal Double-Lace Braid

This diagonal double-lace braid is appropriate anytime—like running errands on a Saturday morning or giving a big presentation at work. Plus, if you already know how to Dutch braid, this style will be a breeze.

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Diagonal Ladder Braid

Holy hair! This diagonal ladder braid is intricate, chic, and oh, so pretty. It may take a bit of practice, but the end result is well worth the effort. 

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Fishtail Bun

We found your go-to summer hairstyle. This fishtail bun starts with two pigtail braids, then folds them in on one another for an instantly glam woven look. 

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Fishtail Mermaid

Channel your inner Ariel with this impressive braid. Start with a basic fishtail braid, then add more hair as you go.

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Even with short hair, you can still get it on the braid trend. Follow these simple steps for a cute and quick look.

Cute Braided Updo for Short Hair

You don't need long locks to create a stunning braid. This elegant style takes only a few minutes and works best on short hair. 

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French Fishtail Braid

For days when you mean business, this French fishtail braid fills the bill. It's sophisticated but not fussy, and hair will stay in place all day.

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Half-Up Infinity Braid

This half-up infinity braid combines the best of both worlds: It's simple yet stunning. Plus, it works on hairs of different lengths and textures. 

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Infinity Braid

Need a new look? This infinity braid has you covered. Start by dividing your hair into two parts. Then grab a small piece of hair from the front of the section and wrap it under and over. Keep wrapping, adding hair as you go.

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Inverted Fishtail

This Dutch fishtail braid gets major style points. The inverted look is no more difficult than a regular fishtail braid, but a little extra effort adds major volume and style. 

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Leather + Lace Braid

This leather and lace braid can look sweet or edgy—it just depends on what you pair it with. Plus, it's a combination of Dutch, lace, and waterfall braids, so it's guaranteed to turn heads.  

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Wraparound Rope Braid Bun

Gather hair in a wraparound rope braid bun perfect for parties and special occasions. This versatile style works on hair of nearly any length and texture.

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