Beat the heat with these top tips.

By Deanna Pai
June 19, 2020
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Looking for hot-weather shortcuts beyond a ponytail? Learn how to skip the blow-dry (or shampoo) and love your hair with these stress-less style tips. "A great benefit of air-drying is that you learn what your hair type or curl pattern is truly capable of," Nexxus celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway says. You may love what you find out. Plus, embracing your natural texture saves you time and prevents styling damage.

If you'd like even more protection, Redway says braids are the way to go. "Braids add volume and length and make it easy to wear different looks. I love this protective style for summer. With braids, I can give my natural hair a break but still put it up, down, half-up, half-down. I can braid my braids together or add cute accessories," Redway explains.

All you have to do is pick a product for your texture, apply to damp hair, and go.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Two big complaints about these types are a lack of volume and flyaways. This styling cream has multiple benefits: frizz control, light shine, and soft (not crunchy) texture. Scrunch through damp hair, then don’t touch it again to preserve the waves.

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To create soft beachy waves or curls without the damage of a salt spray ("Salt dries the hair out a ton," says Herbal Essences stylist Bridget Brager), reach for a sugar base spray instead. This beach spray gives you a tousled, windswept look without stickiness.

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The goal here is to nix frizz. "Because this hair type tends to be drier than others," Redway says, "you want products that are ultra-moisturizing: leave-in conditioners, serums, or oils, anything to help lock in moisture." This conditioner nourishes all day thanks to coconut oil.

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Want to get an extra day or two out of your style without the telltale powder a traditional dry shampoo can leave behind? Refresh with a foam. This option is similar to mousse in both texture and application; it cleanses with tapioca starch, a natural oil absorber. To use: Rub a golf-ball-size amount in at the roots until it disappears.

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