Your mane doesn't have to be freshly-washed to look great.

By Deanna Pai
Updated March 09, 2020
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Attention, everyone: It's time to step away from the shampoo. Although most of us love freshly cleaned hair, especially if it's straight from the salon, that doesn't mean you should be washing your hair every single day. Believe it or not, you can still have beautiful, blow out-inspired tresses the day after cleansing, too. For most of us, it just takes finding the right routine to revive second-day hair. (Depending on your hair type, you might even be able to rock these styles for three or even four days after you've washed your mane.) These expert tips and product recommendations are tailored to every hair type, so you can skip the everyday wash, add volume, and banish oiliness without compromising style.

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How to Restyle Wavy or Curly Hair

Waves and curls are prone to bedtime frizz because of their dry nature and unless you sleep on silk, friction from the pillowcase. (If you do want to try out some luxe bedding, we like Slip's silk pillowcase, $85, at Sephora.) On top of that, curls can get crushed and lose their shape as you sleep. For morning restyling, Mia Emilio, a senior stylist at Devachan salon in New York City, recommends lightly squeezing your hair upward with wet hands to help revive products you applied the day before. Then, add a few squirts of an anti-frizz styler, such as TRESemmé's refresh spray, $11.43, at Walmart.

How to Restyle Fine Hair

"A combo of your scalp's natural oil and lingering hair products leaves fine hair flat or limp," says Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City. To bring back the body, apply a dry shampoo, such as John Frieda's dry shampoo, $8.99, at Ulta, to your roots, and give it a minute to soak in and absorb oils. Then, brush out any powder or residue to avoid hair looking dull or even dirty, Saviano says.

How to Restyle Kinky or Coily Hair

Prep before bed can make all the difference in the morning. Emilio recommends covering hair in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to prevent coils from getting frizzy or fuzzy overnight. We like Silke London's protective hair wrap, $65, Neiman Marcus. In the morning, restore moisture. First, dampen your hair. Then mix a drop or two of a lightweight oil blend into a curl cream. Scrunch in the mix with your hands to reshape the curls. And do not, at all costs, use a curling iron for touch-ups. For a curl cream, we recommend Garnier Fructis' curl cream, $6.99, at Target.

With these easy (and affordable) suggestions, you'll have more good hair days without having to stop in to see your stylist.


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