A revolutionized shape makes this curling wand different from any other.

By Rachel Wermager
April 30, 2019
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If you’re anything like me, you love a hair tool that will make your life a little easier and make your hair look great. I was in the market for a new curling tool when I stumbled upon the Chopstick Styler, $39.99 on Amazon. At first glance, it looks like a typical curling wand, but actually, it’s a completely different shape than what most of us know a curling wand to be. Instead of having a round barrel (smooth, with no edges), this wand has a rectangular barrel.

Image courtesy of Chopstick Styler.

How It Works

The concept for the styler came from—I’m sure you guessed it—chopsticks. “This idea first came into being when we saw a stylist improvise with an actual chopstick as a curling roller and applied heat with a hairdryer,” says Paul Rosen, CEO of Chopstick Styler. “The hair did not slip off the chopstick due to the rectangular shape.”

After some research, Rosen and his team found that the square curls created by a rectangular barrel don’t fall flat as quickly as traditional round curls. The angular shape alters the structure of hair and helps curls last all day, or a couple of days, instead of a few hours.

Styling Without Frying

Their wands are infused with oils to help care for your hair while styling with heat. Brazilian maracuja oil, Mexican avocado oil, and South American jojoba oils create silky smooth curls, provide a boost of antioxidants, and add a splash of hydration. “With curling wands, the hair is in contact with the heat for a lot longer than other products such as dryers or straighteners,” Rosen says. Keep in mind: You’ll still want to apply your regular heat protectant product when using this, or any curling wand. The more heat protection you give your hair, the better it will look and behave.

Which Wand Size Is Best For Your Hair?

There are four different size barrels of Chopstick Styler, and each gives a slightly different curl type. All of the stylers work on any length of hair from a short bob to extra long hair, Rosen says. He recommends the Master for wider zigzag curls; the Chunky for medium-sized, edgy curls; the Long for wild, tight curls; and the Hero for a tighter perm effect.

How to Make Curls Last

To keep your curls in place for as long as possible, curl your hair the day after it’s been washed; curls typically last longer on hair that’s not as clean and smooth. Also, if you have thin or flat hair, try adding a small amount of mousse before drying to give hair more hold.

“Curls can be unique with each Chopstick—the type of curl you get depends on the amount of hair in each section and how you wrap the hair around the barrel,” Rosen says. “For tighter curls, use smaller sections of hair and wrap the hair close to the barrel. For looser curls, take more hair in each section and wrap with space between the hair.”

Once your hair is curled, you can either run your fingers through it to keep some of the definition or comb it out to create a looser look with tons of volume. Rosen suggests flipping your head upside down, then running your fingers through curls to create extra volume and definition.

My First Impressions of the Styler

Curls that last for days is precisely what I was looking for when I got the Master Chopstick Styler, $39.99 on Amazon. I wanted a curling tool to give me a wavy look that held up against wind and humidity. At first, I was skeptical of the rectangular barrel and worried that it would make my hair look like I had accidentally left a curling iron clamp on it for too long. I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case at all.

I first tested out the wand on a couple of pieces of hair before taking a shower—I wasn’t willing to risk the possibility of trying it before work and ending up with crazy hair I had to live with all day. I found I preferred the way it looked when I used smaller sections of hair to wrap around the barrel because it made the curls more defined and wavy versus angular and chunky.

The curls certainly did look different. Instead of smooth ringlets, the curls produced by the rectangular barrel of this curling wand are a lot wavier and reminded me of a crimped look. To be honest, I wasn’t totally on board with the look at first, but I was willing to give it a chance and I went all in and curled it for work the next day.

Hello, Volume and Waves That Last

If you’re looking for a curling tool that can pump up your hair's volume, then this one is for you. When I curled my whole head of hair with the Master it was certainly much bigger and wavier than I was used to. But I actually came to really like it throughout the day; I liked how the waves went all the way up to my scalp, and I enjoyed how much the look varied from every other hair styling tool I’ve used.

I was most excited to see how well my curls held up—and boy, did they. After curling my hair in the morning (and not using any hairspray) I went through a full day at work, a workout at the gym, and a night of sleep. My waves and curls looked great the next morning. They were calmer and less voluminous, but I almost liked the second-day look better than the first.

I really got the hang of how to use the wand the second time I used it, and I curled my hair in about 20 minutes. I used a barrette to pull one side away from my face and absolutely adored the way it looked. Best of all, I used a minimal amount of hairspray and was outside in the wind all day, and my hair still looked as good at the end of the day as it did in the beginning.

Though I was on the fence about using a rectangular curling tool, I was so happy with the way this wand made my hair look and how easy it was to use. I never would have thought a rectangular barrel could outperform a traditional wand, but as the brand says, "There's a new way to curl and ironically, it's square."


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