It's what some people are calling "peach cobbler" hair. Full of warm and rich hues, even stylists are loving this summer trend.


We’ve seen a lot of great hair color trends so far in 2019, and the newest one is making summer so much sweeter. It’s being referred to as “peach cobbler” hair for its resemblance to the tasty treat, and for how rich and sweet the color is. And it looks just like how it sounds: The juicy orange shade incorporates apricot and copper tones to make locks look warm and dynamic.

trendy peach colored hair
Image courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa.

Lupe Voss, North America Artistic Director, Hair Color for Aveda and Owner of Julian August Salon describes this hair color trend and all its diversity, “What is amazing about the peachy hair trend is it is not just one tone of peach, we are creating cool peach tones with a soft violet/red reflection, and warmer peach tones with a golden/copper hue—and sometimes a blend of all of these in harmony!”

peachy, copper hair color
Image courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa.

You can test-drive the peach hair trend by way of highlights, balayage coloring (a way of highlighting hair that has a natural, graduated effect), or full-coverage color. Kasey Zylstra, owner and stylist at DSM Salon & Spa, says she’s noticed the trend becoming popular with her clients. “Peachy hair is most definitely trending,” she says. “Clients have been requesting different shades of peach for spring and summer.”

Voss agrees that she’s seen a spike in the popularity of such hair colors. “Since the 2019 Pantone color “Living Coral” was announced, we have seen more of this tone everywhere—on social media and being requested in the salon,” she says.

woman with peachy hair
Image courtesy of Lupe Voss/Aveda.

The peachy look is most ideal for natural redheads or already-blonde clients because of how much easier the color takes to those shades of hair, explains Zylstra. But anyone can pull off this color, you just have to pay attention to the tones, Voss says. In other words, the peach color you choose for your hair should correspond with your skin tone: warm with warm and cool with cool.

Zylstra notes they’ve had a lot of fun with bold peachy and copper tones in preparation for warmer months. Be as soft or bold with your peachy color as you wish, she adds. So if you're looking for a hair color guaranteed to warm up your look, this sweet trend will leave you feeling, and looking, simply peachy.


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