Our Favorite 5-Minute Hairstyles

Don't waste precious time on an over-the-top hairstyle. We partnered with More.com to give you hairstyles that look glam but are totally weekday-doable, even if you hit the snooze button. Each style, like the braided chignon, knotted half updo, or snake braid, can be achieved in 5 minutes or less!

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    Braided Chignon

    This elegant braided chignon is so easy you'll wish you had known about it sooner. It's a great way to hide unwashed hair, and its sleek lines make it polished enough for work.

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    5-Minute Waves

    Beachy waves in five minutes? No, you're not dreaming. This easy tutorial shows you how in just four steps. 

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    Boho Headband

    Rock a casual-chic look with this easy headband style. Start by sectioning off hair, then place the headband. Add a small twisted bun and secure with bobby pins

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    Easy Updo

    This easy braided hairstyle is perfect for work or play. Start with braided pigtails, then knot them together at the nape of your neck. Only you will know that this sophisticated look took only five minutes to create. 

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    Knotted Half Updo

    Do you know how to tie a knot? Then you can accomplish this super simple half updo. Take sections of hair from each side of your face, knot together twice, and secure with pins. 

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    Licorice Braid

    Switch up your plain pony with this simple twist—literally. Create two ropes, then twist them together in a licorice braid. It's a sleek style that easily transfers from the gym to a girls' night out. 

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    Hair Hacks That Get You Out the Door Faster

    If you sleep right through your alarm, don't fret. These simple hacks are here to save your hair day. 

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    Simple Braided Beauty

    A braid within a braid? This stunning style sounds harder than it looks. Separate hair into three sections, braid one, then braid it together with the remaining sections. 

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    Snake Braid

    If you don't have time to style all of your hair, go for an accent braid. Add an extra edge to your look by trying this simple snake braid. It looks impressive but still only takes five minutes or less. 

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    Tucked Braid

    If you forgot about a formal event and don't have time to book a hairdresser, turn to this this DIY tucked braid. Use a headband to help tuck hair into a pretty roll, then braid the rest into a bun. Simple but stunning. 

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    Twisted Headband

    Show off your favorite headband (and look cute doing it!) with this twisted style. Just wrap sections of hair around the band to create an elegant tucked look. 

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