The affordable product is easy-to-use and covers roots in seconds.
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For those who color their hair, your roots are probably looking a lot like mine right now: grown out. Of course, I don't love looking at my two-toned tresses every morning, but while I can't go to the salon, I'm going to have to take care of it myself. Elle Dawson, co-owner of Lavender & Mane in Arlington, V.A., recommended I steer clear of any at-home coloring options. "While a box dye may tempt you, this cannot and will not end well," she explains. "Box dyes are not formulated specifically for you and your unique needs."

She says that if your box color isn't the right shade, then the removal process can be time-consuming and costly, starting at around $300. (Plus, you won't' be able to see your stylist for weeks, maybe months, so you'll be stuck with your DIY dye job for a while.)

But, lucky for you and me, there is a temporary fix thanks to root touch-up sprays (and Dawson says these temporary sprays are especially great if you're going gray). Yes, there are countless options to choose from, so I checked out different formulas, read reviews, and compared products to find one that just about everyone seems to swear by. It's the L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up.

loreal root touch up
Credit: Courtesy of Target

The aerosol spray comes in nine different colors, so you can check them out and find your best match. It's easy to use; all you do is hold the can 6 inches from your head and spray the product on your regrowth and slightly into your colored hair, so it blends. Let it dry for a minute, and you're good to go until your next shower when it washes out. According to the product description, the lightweight formula doesn't smudge or leave a sticky residue. It's free of ammonia and peroxide, so it won't damage your hair or mess with your existing color.

But what do buyers have to say about it? Well, thousands of users give it top ratings for its effectiveness and affordability. "I love this!" one reviewer writes. "[It's] super quick and easy solution to speedy root covering without having to spend time and money on hair color... This is a lifesaver!"

The spray is available online (because you shouldn't be heading to the store right now unless it's necessary) from Target and a few other retailers. Walgreens is also selling bottles for $10 each, or you can buy one from Ulta for $11, or CVS for $13.

Whether you have an important meeting while you're working from home or plan to attend a virtual happy hour with friends and family, this spray will cover up your regrowth like you just visited your stylist... until you can actually step foot in your salon.


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