Headband Hairstyles You'll Want to Rock Every Day

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Banish bad hair days forever with the help of these easy headband hairstyles! We teamed up with More.com to create these gorgeous headband hairstyles that will make you look like a star any day of the week.

Tucked-Up Braid

This headband style might look fancy, but it's easier than you think to DIY! Just twist a few strands around your headband, then make a quick braid and tuck it into the headband. Voila! You're ready for any party or formal event.

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Low Messy Bun

This low-fuss headband updo is definitely going to become your go-to look for formal events! Just twist a few strands of hair around your headband, then put your messy bun skills to work!

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Headband Boho Look

You can dress up this simple half-up look with a gold or silver headband for a day at work or even an evening out on the town. Best of all, you can put this style together in just 5 minutes, so you'll be out the door in no time!

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Twisted Headband

You can rock this headband look at a wedding or party, or add it to your repertoire of weekday styles. Depending on what kind of headband you choose, you can dress this 5-minute style up or down.

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Chain Link Braid

Bored with traditional braids? Try out this pretty chain link braid, then pair it with a headband to dress up the style a little. Everyone will be in awe of this simple and beautiful look!

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Easy Braided Headband Updo

Master this easy headband updo and you'll always have a simple and chic hairstyle at your fingertips. Wear this hair to a wedding, or use it to dress up your office wardrobe—you're just four steps away from this gorgeous updo!

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Rope Braid Bun

Depending on how you style it, this easy look can be casual and everyday, or elegant and dressy. Add a thin gold headband to add sparkle for date night or a night out with friends.

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Simple Braid-in-Braid

To help keep your hair back (or to dress up this style a little), try pairing this braid-inside-a-braid style with your favorite headband.

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