Must-Know Hair Hacks

5 Home Hacks Using Your Beauty Products
A good hair day is just seconds away, thanks to these clever hair hacks. From wish-I'd-thought-of-that styles to time-saving techniques, read on for effortless ways to tame your mane.

Pump Up Your Ponytail

Transform a ponytail from limp and lifeless to full and fabulous in seconds. Split hair into two equal pieces as shown and pull into top and bottom ponytails. Fluff the top pony over the bottom one.

Wake Up to Waves

To score a beachy texture, no trip to the beach required, try this easy styling technique. Split hair into two sections and braid each one. Run a flat iron along the braids; the heat helps set the bend and create the wave. Let hair cool for five minutes, then undo the plaits and tousle with your fingers.

Hit snooze and save time in the morning with these hair hacks you'll wish you knew about sooner.

Hair Hacks That Get You Out The Door Faster

See our favorite hair hacks in action!

Save Time in the Shower

Get in and out of the shower faster by shampooing and conditioning strands simultaneously. Suds up your roots, where the most grime and oil accumulate, and coat midlength to ends with conditioner (which should never go on your roots, anyway). Then, rinse out both at once.

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Touch Up Roots, Instantly

When telltale roots start to crop up but there’s no time to color, reach for a powder eye shadow. Use a cotton swab to dab a small amount along your part; this instantly conceals regrowth without looking obvious or unnatural. Blondes aiming to hide darker roots should opt for a deep taupe, while brunettes can use a rich brown shade.

Flip Your Bobby Pins

Hair always slipping and sliding out of pins? Flip them over, so that the wavy side lays against your head. For even more staying power, spritz the pin with a quick hit of hairspray first.

A quick look at Pinterest, and you'd think it holds the answer to all your problems -- especially ones of the beauty nature. We put some of the most popular hacks to the test. Do they really work? Watch and find out!

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Tamp Down Frizzies with a Toothbrush

Tame pesky flyaways with a toothbrush. Mist the bristles with hairspray, then gently brush down any frizzies along your hairline or at the top of your head. Errant strands will stay in place without an overly crunchy or sticky feel.

Curl Your Hair Faster

Tweak your technique to create a whole head of curls in minutes. Secure hair into a high ponytail. Split the pony into four sections and curl each with a 1-inch iron. Let the curls cool for a minute to set, then let out the ponytail. Shake your head to reveal fabulous bend and body.

Add Shine With a Beer Rinse

Yes, beer! The acid in the brew lowers the pH of the hair, helping to close the cuticle (the protective outer layer of each strand). When the cuticle is closed, more light reflects off the smooth surface. Translation: Strands look seriously shiny. After shampooing as normal, rinse hair with half a bottle of room temperature beer and work in with your fingers. Leave on for two minutes before rinsing, then finish with conditioner to counteract any lingering beer scent.

Jazz Up Basic Bobby Pins

Turn standard bobby pins into chic -- and inexpensive -- hair accessories. Pull the top half of your hair back and secure with a horizontally placed bobby pin. Then add a pin on each side, forming a triangle. The end result looks graphic and modern while keeping your hair out of your face.

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5 Home Hacks Using Your Beauty Products

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