This year will be all about getting back to a natural look.

By Rachel Wermager
December 12, 2019

As we wrap up the year—and the decade—it’s time to make way for new and fresh styles. Last year, some of our favorite hair color trends included shades like peach cobbler, mushroom brown, and icy blonde. For this year's forecast, we reached out to expert hairstylists and colorists to get their predictions for what will be trending in 2020. Most of them agreed on one thing: Healthy, natural-looking hair will reign supreme.

“Gone are the days of having damaged, dry, and dull-looking hair—2020 is all about radiance and shine,” says Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s global artistic director, hair color. In the coming months, he anticipates more requests for subtle hair colors that add softness and shine rather than vibrant, over-processed shades. One trend he's already seeing is termed "hyper-reality" hair—hair that's been color-treated to look so natural, it's not immediately obvious whether it's been dyed or is simply someone's incredible, born-this-way color.

So if you're after a low-key look that's sure to turn heads, take note: Experts expect these four trends to go gangbusters in 2020.

Glossy Tweed

A tweed hair coloring is one way to achieve a natural depth without having to over-process hair with a ton of dyes. “The movement to less over-lightening hair is hitting us,” says Kate Reid, COLOR.ME global design director for Kevin Murphy. “Colorists are now moving back towards higher integrity colors, promoting glossy and strong hair.” To get a tweed coloring, leave more natural shades to your hair and add a subtle balayage, foliage, or highlights. 

Credit: Courtesy of Ian Michael Black/Aveda

Natural Brown

Brunettes should embrace their natural colors. Black suggests going for delicate tones and high shine that don't have too much warmth. “This will give the illusion that their hair is not colored and is just an incredible natural shade,” he says. Sanya Këranen, stylist for Nikita Hair, advocates for brunettes to skip the blonde highlights and opt for a soft, rich shade like cinnamon or hazelnut instead.

Earthy Copper

This past year, apricot and copper shades were a popular way to make naturally reddish hair look even more vibrant. We’ll see that trend continue, but it'll have an earthy update. “A strong natural-looking copper will take the lead in red hair color, and vibrant red tones will take the back seat,” says Black. The idea is to amplify the natural beauty of red hair by adding soft, warm tones and keeping it hydrated and healthy. 

Credit: Courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa

Beach Blonde

 As much as we’ve loved platinum and icy blonde hair, many of the pros say sun-kissed locks will soon take center stage. Këranen predicts hints of gold will be the next big thing for blondes. (Think 1970s Farrah Fawcett-inspired beach blonde.)

The next time you head to the salon (or color your hair at home), skip the heavy dying and opt for an au naturel look.

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