In summer, many of us embrace the natural highlights and brighter colors that being out in the sun can give us. For fall, we're looking to create rich and dimensional shades that warm up our strands without washing us out. 

By Rachel Wermager
August 26, 2019

While summer is all about brightening up your hair color, the changing season presents a new opportunity to try out a fresh style or shade. “As with most falls, people love to go a bit deeper and richer with color to get ready for the winter months,” says Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director or Hair Color. “This year is no exception, with trending tones of rich soft golden blondes and velvet brunettes.”

Thanks to insider tips from expert stylists and colorists, we found ideas for almost every hair color, many of which don't involve a major color shift and can beautifully enhance your natural hair color for fall. These hair color trends are sure to warm up your style as the weather cools down—here are six you won't want to miss.

Chocolate Velvet

To transition summer hair from golden tones to something more fall-forward, try this chocolatey brown shade. “This creates a rich, lustrous velvet hue that shows warmth but no particular dominant tone,” says Michael Black. As a result, you’ll be left with a seamless combination of silky, darker locks.

Image courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa.

Golden Brunette

Talk about a perfectly simple way to change up your hair color for autumn. If you want to warm up your brunette locks but aren't ready for a super dark color, go for gold. This way, you can incorporate some light, summery shades into your fall look by way of light highlights or balayage (a soft and natural gradation of highlights toward the ends of hair).

Honey Highlights

It may seem counterintuitive to opt for a lighter hair color as summer fades, but just because we’re heading into fall and winter doesn’t mean your strands can't enjoy a bit of lingering sunshine. For dark brown and black hair, honey-colored highlights can subtly warm up cool tones and give hair a dose of shine.

Image courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa.

Dimensional Blonde

If your hair is light and you're looking for a subtle color shift, this technique is for you. Rachel Coenen, a stylist at DSM Salon & Spa, explains that blondes can warm up their hair for fall by giving it a sun-kissed appearance. Embrace your natural root color (or make it even darker) to create eye-catching contrast and dimension against lighter strands.

Bold Copper

We’ve seen a few variations of copper and strawberry tones become more popular throughout the year, like the sweet hues of Peach Cobbler hair that trended over the summer. Copper tones are a common hair color staple of autumn, so it may be time to finally try it out. “Although this can be too strong for some people, I say if you’re going to embrace those warm orange tones, own it, go bright and bold, and make the ultimate copper statement,” says Michael Black.

Image courtesy of DSM Salon & Spa.

Caramel Highlights

We think caramel highlights might just be the sweet addition your look needs for fall. Coenen says caramel highlights are trendy right now, especially with those who already have rich brown hair. This style will restore warmth and shine to brown strands without demanding a lot of time and money to keep hair looking great as it grows out.


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