Easy Braided Updo for Short Hair

Short hair sometimes gets the short end of the stick -- especially when it comes to fancy updos. But this simple style only takes five minutes to look super elegant. Plus, all you need are a few elastics and pins.

Even with short hair, you can still get it on the braid trend. Follow these simple steps for a cute and quick look.

1. Separate and clip two front sections.

2. Twist remaining hair into low bun.

3. Wrap clear elastic around bun.

4. Pin in place.

Editor's Tip: Have you been using bobby pins all wrong? Find out here.

5. French braid one of the front sections.

Editor's Tip: Braid tightly, so your style doesn't fall out. Once it's secure, you can loosen the braid.

6. Secure end of braid with a clear elastic.

7. Pin end of braid behind bun.

8. Gently pull at sides of braid to fatten.

9. French braid remaining front section.

10. Pin at back of head, behind bun.

And, done!


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