This heat tool gave me perfect waves in under 5 minutes!

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Hair crimping is officially back, and I am here for it. I grew up in the 90s, so I’ve spent plenty of nights sleeping in tight braids so my hair would have a perfectly crimped look in the morning. Over the last few months, I’ve seen rave reviews on social media about the BondiBoost Wave Wand, a newer version of the classic crimping tool. And they’re not the only ones hopping back on the trend: Google searches for “hair crimper” are up 177% in the last year, and there are more than 122,000 posts with #crimpedhair on Instagram. 

I’ve been skeptical about going back to the crimped hair life (the slept-in-braids look is decidedly not for me), but after using the wave wand, I’m totally sold. 

The wand has three large barrels, so it looks like a 3-in-one curling iron of sorts. I have really thick hair, so I sectioned it out like I would if I were curling it regularly and cranked up the heat on the Wave Wand. I spritzed my hair with heat protectant spray ($20, Ulta) and clamped large chunks of my hair between the triple barrels. 

bondiboost wave wand
Credit: Courtesy of BondiBoost

I was pleasantly surprised with the results: The wand created big, loose waves, and I was done with my whole head of hair in about 5 minutes—which is saying a lot since I’ve spent longer than that perfecting a basic high pony. 

If you have medium to long hair, go with the original 32mm wave wand (my hair is a few inches longer than my shoulders, so that’s what I used). The larger barrel creates a larger crimp, giving your hair more of a wave rather than a super tight crimped look. If you have short hair, the Wave Wand Mini ($58, BondiBoost) might be a better option, because you’ll get a few more waves, and you can brush them out for a loose wavy look. 

woman with curled hair
Credit: Emily VanSchmus

When I was done with the heat tool, I added a few quick spays of texture spray ($21, BondiBoost) to my roots and ran my fingers through the waves so they were a little messier. I’m honestly shocked at how easy the look was to achieve—especially since I typically spend at least 25 minutes curling it with a traditional curling iron—so I’m definitely incorporating the Wave Wand into my morning routine. The soft waves are a good look for almost any occasion. Mess them up a bit for a casual beach look, or dress up the waves by wearing the waves with a nicer outfit.


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