These affordable finds keep your tresses looking fresh at home.

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Everyone's hair is different, but for the least amount of roots possible and the freshest color, you should go to the salon every six to eight weeks. However, trips to the salon aren't cheap, and during a pandemic, we should all be staying at home as much as possible. So what's one of the best (and affordable) ways to keep your hair looking like you just got the ultimate treatment from your hairstylist? A shampoo that's tailored to keep your specific color looking lovely and fade-free. We found six options for all types of hair colors that don't cost a lot but offer gorgeous results. Select the one that suits your shade, and use it once per week to give your hair a refresh.

pure blends shampoo
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Warm Blondes

Even if you aren't swimming laps in a chlorinated pool, it's common for blonde to veer into brassy or ashy territory. Blonde strands are prone to discoloration since they're so porous. This Pure Blends formula intensifies buttery, golden tones in light, medium, or dark blondes to keep ashiness away while keeping locks soft and hydrated.

joico shampoo
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Highlighted Brunettes

Highlights add richness and dimension to hair. They're also a stylish way to minimize the appearance of grays. One downside? Discoloration. A shampoo with blue will tone down brassiness (that unflattering orange cast caused by the sun) in highlighted parts of brown hair.

john freida shampoo
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There are so many things to love about this firey, attention-grabbing hue. The fading that typically happens after only a few washes? Not so much. Reach for a color-boosting shampoo to restore vibrancy when red shades begin to lose their luster.

quantam colors shampoo
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Plums and Violets

Purple hair colors are trendy, and whether you embrace lilac locks or opt for a purple-brown hue, color preservation is essential to commit to this more daring look. Replenish purple pigments if they start to wash down the drain after your hair appointment with a color-depositing shampoo.

Cool Blondes and Silvers

We can't get enough of the dyed and natural gray styles populating our social media feeds. Even if you've ditched the dye, gray (and icy blonde) hair requires some maintenance to help it look its best. Brighten dullness and cool down unwanted warm or golden tones caused by heat or exposure to UV rays with a specially formulated shampoo like Matrix's So Silver.

touch back shampoo
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Deep Brunettes

Notice some shimmery strands peeking through, but aren't due back at the salon for a while? Camouflage gray regrowth and maintain the intensity of color and shine your favorite pro gave you with this affordable two-step system.


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