The bold shade was made for spooky season.
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I'll admit, though I write about beauty trends for a living, I used to stick with the same old styles whenever I got my hair done or a new manicure. Well, when the pandemic began, and I was spending nearly all of my time inside, that was also the point when I started to try out new products, styles, and fads at home and in the salon. (I figured that if I didn't like a new hair color or mani, no one would see it anyway, so it was a perfect time for some trial and error.) It's been fun to experiment, and I even discovered some new techniques I like way better than my old habits, including pastel hair that was perfect for spring and a colorful twist on a classic French manicure.

candy corn hair with layers
Credit: Courtesy of Wynter DePriest/ @monarchhairco

Now that it's autumn, I'm ready to seek a new seasonal hairstyle, and I love the idea of featuring the shades of fall foliage in my tresses. As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across some stunning styles that mix auburn, red, brown, and blondes. The piece-y, chunky highlights immediately reminded me of one of my favorite seasonal snacks: candy corn. I'm not one to gatekeep any trend, so here's candy corn-colored hair, the shade that anyone can (and should!) try this fall.

cropped candy corn hair
Credit: Courtesy of Katie Harty/ @ hairbychinchillas

One of the first candy corn-colored hair examples I found is by Katie Harty, a professional hairstylist at PR at Partners hair salon in Oldtown Alexandria, Virginia. She posted a photo of a stylish bob featuring blonde chunky pieces in the front and a mix of shades through the rest of the strands. "This color was inspired by Christina Aguilera's hair in the video for 'Come on Over,'" she says. "What's old is new again, and all the '90s and '00s vibes are coming back, and this trend uses a modern haircut and chunky color placement and to feel trendy, not dated."

How to Get Candy Corn-Colored Hair

If you're making an appointment with the hair salon right now, Harty has a few tips on what to tell your stylist to achieve the multi-colored look. First, Harty says to bring a few inspirational photos of the result you'd like. (And luckily, you have several stunning examples right here!) Of course, the technique will vary depending on your shade selection, but for the blonde bob, Harty says, "I utilized a block coloring technique where I lightened the top and nape area of her hair, and in the interior, I used zig-zag sections to add the red. The tones of the colors were chosen off her natural color palate."

blonde candy corn hair
candy corn hair with orange
candy corn hair with brunette and orange
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Ashlee Allen/ @aaashleee
Center: Credit: Courtesy of Ashlee Allen/ @aaashleee
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Ashlee Allen/ @aaashleee

When it comes to after-care of candy corn-colored hair, Harty recommends using conditioning treatments and oils to keep your tresses healthy and increase the longevity of the shade. "It is imperative if you are coloring your hair that you protect your color (and the investment!) by adding nutrition to the hair to repair the damage, increase moisture and shine, and address any scalp issues that my clients may have," Harty explains. Some of her favorite conditioning oils include: Sebastian Dark Oil ($48, Ulta), R+Co Two-Way Mirror Smoothing Oil ($32, Dermstore), and Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil ($56, Sephora). "When the hair is hydrated properly, the strands themselves will be less prone to breakage, the product will help to add a buffer between the hair and the heat while styling, and add smoothness, which will keep the color in the hair longer," she says. "Washing with cold water will help [also] elongate the life of the color."

If you're like pre-pandemic me and afraid to try something new, consider getting a fun seasonal hair shade like this; you might just find a new favorite style. "I love that people are becoming bolder with their personal choices for their hair," Harty says. "I love seeing people's personalities really shine when they are able to show off a look that is unique to them and makes them feel beautiful. I really hope that we continue to normalize unique looks and color choices!"


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