Introducing my secret to effortless summer hair.
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Even though I have super curly hair, I typically style my hair the same three ways: down, half-up/half-down, or a messy bun. While I love intricate braids and updos, sometimes it's just too much fuss for all my hair so I settle on simplistic styles that are both beautiful and functional. A few months ago, I decided to try a popular hair accessory that has continually popped up all over my Pinterest feed: Hair scarves. And let’s just say it was love at first wear. I mean, I was obsessed. There’s something special about adding a bright, patterned scarf to my simple hairstyles that just made my entire look complete. Not to mention, I received endless compliments every time I sported one. On days when I want to keep it sweet and simple, I tie the hair scarf around the base of my ponytail or bun. Other days, if I'm feeling fancy, I'll weave it into a Dutch braid. There's really no right or wrong way to style it, but you always want it to be true to your personal style.

But I have to admit, this got me thinking. Why have I never tried hair accessories before? I wore a few headbands here and there, but nothing special. So, I began experimenting with other accessories in my hair and found it was that special little something missing from my beauty routine. And now it's actually hard for me not to wear something in my hair.

Woman with dark wavy hair wearing a headband outside
Credit: Courtesy of Andrea Jordan

Now, you may be thinking 'How on earth could I wear a hair accessory without looking like a teenager?' And that's a valid point, but according to celebrity hairstylist, Sophia Porter, less is more when it comes to adding adornments to your strands as an adult. "If you want to accessorize, start out small and simple," she suggests. "An accessory that's too flashy or one that clashes with your outfit will come off like you're trying too hard." Duly noted. She also recommends keeping any added pieces in balance with other accessories like jewelry to avoid looking overdone. Also, just because you're adding a headband or barrette to your look, doesn't mean you don’t need to style your strands as usual. Play with texture, add volume, and smooth flyaways so your look is polished and not, well, undone.

So, whether you're 20, 30, 40, or beyond, you can 100% sport a hair accessory and look naturally you. As for me, I'm nearing my thirties and find that steering away from rainbows, unicorns, and rhinestones makes me feel age-appropriate. But truly, to each their own. No judgments here. These seven hair accessories you can find me wearing all summer long.

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denim knot headband
Credit: Courtesy of CVS

1 GSQ by Glamsquad Denim Knot Headband

Who doesn’t love denim? This headband can be paired with any outfit and it’s just so cute. If you don’t like your hair pulled back all the way, try pulling out a few pieces around your hairline for a more textured look.

Buy It: Denim Knot Headband, ($10, CVS)

gold chain-like hair tie
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

2 The Hair Edit Soft Gold Cable Wrap Hair Tie

This one-of-a-kind hair tie is for special occasions. I like it best with high ponytails because you can see the gold links from the front and the side. It’s definitely the edgiest of all my accessories.

Buy It: Soft Gold Cable Wrap Hair Tie, ($8, Ulta)

hair clips and bobby pins
Credit: Courtesy of Target

3 Sincerely Jules by Scunci Acryllic Salon Clip and Bobbie Set

Barrettes are super fun and youthful. The best part is you can sport one, two, or all three and there’s really no right or wrong way to add them to your strands.

Buy It: Acryllic Salon Clip and Bobbie Set, ($8, Target)

gold claw hair clip
Credit: Courtesy of kitsch

4 kitsch Open Shape Claw Clip

Remember when I mentioned half-up/half-down styles are my go-to? I can thank claw clips for that. This gilded option makes it look like I tried to be fancy.

Buy It: Open Shape Claw Clip, ($9, kitsch)

bow tie hair headband
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

5 Jessica Simpson Plastic Long Tail Headband

Tie-dye is super on-trend this summer so I couldn’t pass up this headband. I love how the long tails peek out from underneath my curly hair.

Buy It: Plastic Long Tail Headband, ($20, Ulta)

hair scrunchies
Credit: Courtesy of Target

6 Wild Fable Gingham Embroidery Twister with Bow Hair Elastics

Scrunchies are basically fool-proof. Simply tie up your hair with a decorative scrunchie and your messy ponytail is instantly elevated.

Buy It: Gingham Embroidery Twister with Bow Hair Elastics, ($6, Target)

colorful bobby pins
Credit: Courtesy of Target

7 A New Day Pink Acrylic Bobby Pin Set

These colorful acrylic bobby pins can be added to so many styles. I use them mostly to sweep back one side of my hair from falling into my face, but they can be added to buns, ponytail, or even braided styles.

Buy It: Acrylic Bobby Pin Set, ($8, Target)


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