Add Some Volume with These 9 Cute Hairstyles

inverted fishtail ponytail
Get ready to pump up the volume! We partnered with to showcase hairstyles that can add volume and fullness to almost any hair type. Try bouncy curls to change up your style during the week, or add volume to a simple braid for a relaxed weekend look.

Finger Waves and Pin Curls

Bring retro pin curls and finger waves into the 21st century with this throwback-inspired look. These playful curls and waves will make your hair look full and stylish—perfect for a night out.

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How to Make Your Curls Last All Day

There's nothing worse than curls that go flat by lunchtime. Create volume that lasts all day long with these simple tricks for keeping your hair curly throughout the day.

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Five-Strand Braid

Calling all braiding experts! Put your skills to the test with this chunky five-strand braid. When it comes to giving volume, five strands is definitely better than three.

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Maximize Your Braid Size

You don't need thick hair to create this big braid. We have a few tricks for making your braid look full and voluminous regardless of your hair type. You'll be out the door in no time!

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Create a Longer Ponytail

Don't waste your money on extensions—you can make your ponytail look longer and fuller with just one easy trick! Try this hack on your next trip to the gym, or use it to dress up your ponytail for the office.

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Add Volume to a Short Ponytail

You don't need long locks to make your ponytail look full. Even with short hair, you're just four steps away from this pretty, voluminous style.

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Wraparound Rope-Braid Bun

Try this rope-braided side bun to make thin hair look thick and full of volume. All you'll need to create this chic style are a couple of hair elastics and a handful of pins.

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Tips for Curling Hair That Loves to Be Straight

One of the best ways to add volume to long, thick hair is by curling it. If your hair type doesn't usually hold a curl, try these tips to make bouncy curls that will last all day.

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Inverted Fishtail Braid

Your fishtail doesn't have to be flat. Take it to the next level with this pumped-up inverted braid! This voluminous style is definitely a step up from a more two-dimensional braid or ponytail.

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