Your flat iron is about to become your best friend. Here are five amazing things this magic wand can do beyond a basic straighten.

February 26, 2016

1. Pump Up the Volume

Apply heat at the roots and lift, then hold hair away from your head with a comb to cool.

2. Make Waves

Create an 'S' shape as you move from roots to ends, repeating all the way down. Small sections work best.

3. Go Curly

Flip hair over the iron, run all the way through hair, then twirl to hold in place.

4. De-Wrinkle

Use a flatiron for ironing out wrinkled collars when you're in a pinch.

5. Streamline Your Makeup Bag

Depot makeup by placing wax paper over your flat iron. Add the compact, let it heat for one minute, then pop the makeup out. Place it onto a magnetic palette, such as the Sephora Z Palette ($18,


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