Time to call your stylist to book an appointment! The "it" hair colors of 2019 are warm, multidimensional, and full of subtle undertones to keep things interesting all year long.


The New Year is all about changing for the better, and what better way to start fresh than debuting a new 'do? We asked expert stylists which hair colors will be most popular in 2019, and the results are in. Get ready for warm, neutral colors that add dimension and softness while keeping hair looking healthy and shiny. Showing off natural highlights and embracing natural gray will continue trending from this past year, while the dark-to-light ombré will fade out of style. Here are eight looks to watch for (and try!) in 2019.

Mushroom brown hair color
Photo courtesy of DSM Salon and Spa

Mushroom Brown

This particular shade of dark brown is gaining a lot of traction with women and stylists. The color's cool undertones and highlights are toned to a gray-brown color that mimics the underside of a mushroom cap, says Kasey Zylstra, owner and stylist at DSM Salon & Spa in Des Moines, Iowa. Mushroom brown is an example of the shift to more natural hair colors that will be popular going into the new year.

Icy blonde hair color
Photo courtesy of DSM Salon and Spa

Icy Blonde

Icy platinum blonde with dark roots will continue into 2019 as a top hair-color trend for blondes. While this gorgeous style will turn heads, it's usually achieved through multiple appointments (and is therefore more costly than a standard color), Zylstra says. If you're interested in icy locks, consult with your stylist in person to assess whether your strands can withstand the coloring process, and if you can invest the time and resources needed to commit to and maintain this style.

Strawberry/copper hair color
Photo courtesy of DSM Salon and Spa


This shade of strawberry blonde incorporates a copper coloring that is in line with the trend of reds in 2019. David Adams, cofounder of Fourteenjay Salon in New York and Aveda Master colorist, says we'll be seeing reds travel across the spectrum from darker shades—such as red velvet to create rich elegance—to lighter ones like turmeric that add vibrancy. This strawberry and copper shade is a subtle take on the trend that leans toward the lighter side of things.

Bronzed blonde hair color
Photo courtesy of Aveda/Ian Michael Black

Bronzed Blonde

In 2019 we'll see more brunettes brightening up their shades with rich, golden warmth. "This is perfect for those that want more brightness but don't want to go too light," says Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color. The bronzed blonde color keeps with the warm trends we'll see for hair color this year.

Multi color hair
Photo courtesy of DSM Salon and Spa


All this color trend takes is a minimal placement of a new contrasting color, which creates a bold and bright look on the hair, Zylstra says. Placing contrasting colors next to one another from top to bottom creates the maximum amount of brightness for each color while leaving dimension in the ends of the hair.

Auburn with violet
Photo courtesy of DSM Salon and Spa

Violet Undertones

Pinterest reports that lilac and purple hair will be huge in 2019, but if you're not totally down to sport purple strands, subtle violet undertones are a tasteful middle ground. Both blondes and brunettes are rocking this versatile color trend because it has so many interpretations—and we love them all.

Pearl blonde hair
Photo courtesy of Aveda/Ian Michael Black

Pearl Blonde

In the coming year we'll see blondes go deeper in dimensional pearl shades and embrace a more neutral look with violet undertones, Black says. It's a softer take on the white-blonde trend that preceded pearl. Warm, shiny variations of the pearl shade—such as butter, cream, and soybean—will also rise in popularity.

Coral hair color
Photo courtesy of Aveda/Ian Michael Black

Living Coral

Pantone's 2019 color of the year is Living Coral, and it's not just for home decor. The warm coral shade beautifully translates to hair and is a playful option for those wanting to experiment with being a redhead. "It's very inviting and lighthearted," Black says.