10 Easy Long Hairstyles

Tired of the same old 'do? Check out these 10 gorgeous long styles, plus pro tips to help you re-create them at home.

Bouncy Blowout

All hail the Duchess for somehow always having a good hair day. The beauty of her signature blowout is the simplicity of the style, says Roz Murray, stylist at Bumble and bumble in New York City. "She has a basic, shoulder-length cut that isn't overly layered but always looks full and bouncy," Murray says. Blow-dry hair using a smaller round brush, about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, to help set bend and movement at the ends. Finish with a shot of shine spray, like Garnier Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray ($4.29; garnierusa.com), to add Kate Middleton-like sheen and polish.


Not only are bangs a fun way to easily switch up your look, but they can also help conceal lines and wrinkles on your forehead (ever heard the term "bangtox"?). While the length is a matter of personal preference, Murray advises that they graze the top of your eyebrows. Bangs that are too wispy can read as childish, and those that are too heavy can look dated -- a happy medium between the two, as seen here, is the most flattering. When it comes to styling, keep a good dry shampoo at the ready; bangs tend to get greasier faster than the rest of your hair because they're in direct contact with your skin. We like: René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo ($28; renefurtererusa.com). Keep in mind that most stylists offer complimentary bang trims, too!

Side Part

Forget the scissors! Simply switching up your part is an easy, commitment-free way to quickly change your entire look. "A side part works on any hair texture, any length, and is an especially nice way to showcase your color," Murray says. Don't love wearing your hair down? A side part will add visual interest even to a simple ponytail or low bun.

Loose Waves

This voluminous style doesn't require a curling iron -- a large round brush and blow-dryer is all you need. The trick is to section the hair and then wrap each piece away from your face as you dry. "The fullness and layers cascading backward open up the entire face and look very youthful," Murray says. To enhance the effect, ask your stylist for angles or face-framing, she says.

Smooth and Straight

Nothing shows off your length like a straight, sleek style. But to ensure you end up looking more like J.Lo than Wednesday Adams, you'll want to keep a bit of body right at the crown, advises Murray. Prep damp hair with a mousse, like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse ($5.99; ulta.com). After blow-drying, use a flatiron, but only from mid-shaft to ends so your hair doesn't fall totally flat.

Half Up, Half Down

If your hair is all one length, pulling just the top section back will help create the illusion of more layers and dimension, Murray says. By keeping the look soft, so you can't see a noticeable line where the hair is pulled back, the overall effect is sophisticated rather than juvenile, she adds. To score fullness at the crown, like Frieda Pinto has here, back-comb ... with caution. "Hold the top piece straight up, then gently and deliberately tease the underside of the hair, moving up and down no more than four times," Murray says. This adds height and volume without creating snarls or tangles.

Beachy Waves

No time to wash your hair in the morning? This tousled style actually works better on hair that's not freshly washed. Using a 1-1/4-inch curling iron, curl small sections of your hair any which way. "The beauty of this look is that you don't want all the waves to fall the same way," Murray says. In other words, the more imperfect, the better! Finish with a shot of texturizing spray to enhance the pieciness, and you'll be a pretty woman in no time.

Middle Part

Here's a little secret: A middle part doesn't have to exactly fall in the middle. "If you have a cowlick or large widow's peak, just work around it. From afar, no one will know if it's not perfectly centered," says Murray. (Look closely: Even Sofia Vergara's isn't totally perfect.) To do so, use either the first tooth of your comb or the end of a tail comb and run it from the bridge of your nose, up the center of your forehead, then straight back. (It's also much easier to part hair when it's wet.)

Sideswept Bangs

Whether you're considering getting bangs or trying to grow out existing fringe, a sideswept style is the perfect transition, Murray says. Pushing bangs over to one side (pick whichever you prefer) also minimizes the appearance of a large forehead. Just make sure to ask your stylist to also add some shorter layers around the bangs so everything looks smooth and blended rather than choppy.

Polished Curls

This modern take on vintage Hollywood glam is classic and timeless. Set hair with a 1-inch curling iron, being sure to give the curls enough time to cool before brushing them out: "Wait at least five minutes. The cooling-down process is what sets the shape," Murray says. Short on time? A spritz of hairspray will also help cool hair. Brush out the curls, then work a finishing cream throughout the lengths to help break them up so they don't fall into one big curl. "This keeps the style looking fresh and current, rather than overly done," adds Murray, who recommends Bumble and bumble Bb. Thickening Creme Contour ($29; bumbleandbumble.com).

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