Stylish Jewelry Storage

Monogrammed Ring Dish
These days, bauble storage and display has evolved quite a bit from the traditional lone jewelry box. Whether it's a brass figurine or an upcycled wooden frame, our favorite bloggers are getting extra crafty with jewelry styling.

Tea-Time Trinkets

Repurpose vintage teacup saucers as jewelry trays. The delicate painted pattern is the perfect backdrop to your favorite necklaces and rings.


Upcycled Type Set Tray

Old typing trays can be used to display all kinds of mini trinkets. By adding decorative hooks, your collection of jewelry gets a chance to be in the spotlight.

Chalk-Painted Baubles Box

Chalk paint is simple to use and allows crafters to ditch the hassle of sanding and priming. It's the perfect material to update an old jewelry box.

Hooked Driftwood

Made from a piece of found driftwood and supplies you likely already have on hand, this hooked necklace organizer is a great weekend project to tackle post-beach vacation.

Embroidery Hoop Jewelry Art

These ultrafeminine jewelry displays are perfect for those who love the look of traditional china patterns and springtime floral motifs.

Gold Leaf Tray

Sure, you can toss your go-to baubles on any type of tabletop tray, but making your own version of this gold and white striped beauty may be worth the extra effort.

Framed Necklace Organizer

A wooden frame and simple chrome hooks are all you need to recreate this boxy jewelry display. You’ll be surprised by how many necklaces you can fit, too!

Multi-tier Porcelain Catchall

To re-create this tiered catchall, pick up inexpensive thrift store dishes and glue them together. It organizes your smaller baubles and adds extra personality to your vanity, too.

Mirrored Perfume Stand

Mirrored trays make the most of the delicate details and sparkling finishes of both your jewelry and perfume bottles.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bradshaw.

Sculptural Bracelet Holder

Inspired by the idea of a traditional sculptural ring stand, try looping your favorite bracelets and bangles over the neck of a large brass bird figurine.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Franke.

Monogrammed Ring Dish

A simple stamped monogram takes this modern DIY ring stand from simple to special in one crafty afternoon at home.

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