Makeup artist Gita Bass works on famous faces like Tina Fey and Julianne Moore—and she's sharing her secrets with us! Check out her tips and get her favorite drugstore products, all available at CVS. 

As a professional makeup artist, Gita Bass goes through beauty products quickly. Beauty companies regularly send her products—an industry perk—but she often runs to the drugstore to restock her kit. (Her staples: Simple Skin Care wipes and moisturizers, Ardell lashes, eye drops, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, mascaras, and spoolies). According to Gita, the most gorgeous natural makeup consists of fresh glowing skin, a slightly defined eye and brow and a hint of color on the cheek and lip. “My clients trust that I will never step into overdone "drag" territory, unless of course we're in the mood, and that my makeup will leave them looking fresh, gorgeous and radiant,” says Gita, who works on famous faces like Tina Fey, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen and Julianne Moore. Check out her favorite tips for getting a natural glow and making makeup last, all with products found at CVS.

Gita Bass

Tip #1 Pick liquid foundation

“I prefer liquid over powder for more mature skin because powder tends to seep into the lines. If you want a glow, your foundation has to be smooth and seamless. A non-latex round sponge is key to remove excess product and create an even finish.”

Tip #2 Use bronzer to warm up your face

“I like to get a really big powder brush and apply a sheer layer along the side of the forehead, cheekbone and jawline. I'll then go over the creases of the eyelid with the same bronzer that I use, which gives your eye a little bit of a lift and creates a fresh, monochromatic look.”

Tip #3 Eye primers help makeup last

“I like using an eye primer to brighten the eye and create a smooth base for eye makeup, so it stays put and lasts even longer. Primers are especially helpful for mature skin because they smooth out lines and hide discolorations.”

Tip #4 Curl your lashes

“I recommend curling your lashes to give your lashes a natural lift and separation. Curl them before applying mascara. The trick is to look down as you place your lashes in between the two bands.  Press the curler down as close to the base of your lashes as possible, gently pumping once or twice.”

Tip #5 Save on Mascara

“Toss your mascara every two months. It can grow bacteria, so you don't want spend a lot of money on it. I would go to the drugstore and buy a few tubes and just have them in your bag at all times.”

Ready to try out Gita’s tips? Shop more of her CVS favorites below!

Beauty 360 Premium Blender Sponge

CVS Beauty 360 Sponge

“This sponge works really well. Wet it first to soften, and then use to apply foundation in a smooth, natural way.”

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Bronzer

CVS Bronzer Palette

“I usually say to avoid powders, but this bronzer is a really sheer so it's not going to settle into lines and it can really warm up your face. The different colors give your skin dimension and creates a natural finish.”

Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler

CVS Eyelash Curler

“So many women are scared to curl their eyelashes, and I think it's because they're using the wrong tool. Tweezerman make these amazing eye lash curlers that are designed with different eye shapes in mind, which makes it so much easier.”

L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara

CVS LOreal Mascara

“The Voluminous Mascara by L’Oréal is a classic. I have a lot of clients that are allergic to a lot of things, and for some reason they're not allergic to this mascara. It's a versatile formula, and it's not going to give you clumps and flakes. I apply one layer and then comb it through and then add another layer. By using layers, you can do a natural day look with it but then you can bump it up for for a more doe-eyed, night time look.”

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick

CVS NYX Lipstick

“This is the best, best lipstick in the whole world. One of my favorite colors is Indie Flick. It's the super bright kind of orangey red, and I've used this on so many red carpets. It doesn't move, it stays put, it's super vibrant and has tons of pigment.”

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